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100-1 Bandwidth Balun Transformer_ J W Duncan_ V P Minerva_ IRE 1960.pdf 2M25-Feb-2015 13:15
10MHz-helical-antenna.jpg 90K17-May-2021 18:38
12-to-1 Bandwidth All-Metal Vivaldi Array Element_ Rick Kindt_ Ray Pickles_ 2009.pdf 1M08-Feb-2013 10:12
2400MHz-sleeve-colinear-antenna.jpg 56K28-Feb-2015 17:06
28Gbps Microstrip With Pepper Jack Cheese as Substrate_ Ryan Lott_ 2017.pdf 898K21-Dec-2017 02:07
2D titanium carbide_ MXene_ for wireless communication_ A Sarycheva_ A Polemi_ Y Liu_ K Dandekar_ B Anasori_ Y Gogot..> 1M02-Oct-2018 03:42
3-30 MHz Antenna from Trees_ The forest as a neutrino detector_ arxiv2401.14454.pdf 64K02-Mar-2024 06:00
47 GHz Waveguide Harmonic Mixers_ Don Nelson_ Bill McCaa_ Phil Lee_ 2003.pdf 73K04-Dec-2014 08:18
5 to 1 Bandwidth Dielectric Rod Antenna using a Novel Feed Structure_ A J Abumunshar_ K Sertel_ TAP 2017.pdf 2M30-Mar-2018 12:15
50 Ohm dBm - volts - watts conversion_ Mini-circuits AN40-012.pdf 77K11-Nov-2013 18:25
500 MHz to 45 GHz Simultaneous Transmit and Receive_ STAR_ Antenna System for Electronic Attack_ M Elmansouri_ P Vala..> 2M11-May-2018 01:20
5800 MHz Double Helical Antenna template LHT.pdf 410715-Feb-2015 12:01
70 Years of Amateur Digital Modes_ Murray Greenman ZL1BPU_ 2018.pdf 9M16-Oct-2020 15:05
A 3-D Printed PCB Integrated TEM Horn Antenna_ Miralles et al_ Radio Science_ 2019.pdf 2M09-Dec-2023 05:53
A 70-270 MHz Electrical Tunable LC Bandpass Filter Based on Mixed Coupling and Cross-Coupling_ L Liu_ Q-Y Xiang_ X Hu..> 1M24-May-2018 21:45
A 800 to 3200MHz Wideband CPW Balun Using Multistage Wilkinson Structure_ Jong-Sik Lim_ Ung-Hee Park_ Sungmin Oh_ Jae..> 218K26-Mar-2017 04:27
A Bottom Fed Deployable Conical Log Spiral Antenna Design for CubeSat_ A J Ernest_ Y T Tawk_ J Costantine_ C G Christ..> 2M04-Mar-2017 07:02
A Broadband Microstrip-to-Slot-Line Transition_ M M Zinieris_ R Sloan_ L E Davis_ 1998.pdf 132K30-Oct-2019 06:16
A Broadband Microwave Noise Generator Using Zener Diodes and a New Technique for Generating White Noise_ Serdar Arsla..> 820K15-Apr-2024 13:04
A CAD Model of Triple bandpass Filter Implemented with Mushroom Structure_ S Awasthi_ A Biswas_ M J Akhtar_ 2013.pdf 397K15-Jun-2018 20:22
A CPW-Fed Ultra-Wideband Planar Inverted Cone Antenna_ H Wang_ H Zhang_ 2010.pdf 1M26-Jan-2015 09:25
A Class of Broadband Three-Port TEM-Mode Hybrids_ Seymour B Cohn_ 1968.pdf 664K10-Mar-2017 17:50
A Compact Wideband Bandpass Filter Using Novel CSRR Loaded QMSIW Resonator With High Selectivity_ H Cao_ S He_ H Li_ ..> 617K06-Jul-2018 01:51
A Compact, Capacitively-Fed UWB Antenna With Monopole-Like Radiation Characteristics_ M Li_ N Behdad_ 2015.pdf 5M12-Apr-2017 19:38
A Constant Absolute Bandwidth Tunable Bandpass Filter Based on Mixed Coupled Varactor Loaded Open Ring Resonators_ D ..> 2M06-Jul-2018 01:54
A Design of a Ring Bandpass Filters with Wide Rejection Band Using DGS and Spur-line Coupling Structures_ C-S Kim_ D-..> 543K14-Apr-2018 17:59
A Dual Band Reconfigurable 64th Mode SIW-Inspired Antenna_ S Choudhury_ A Mohan_ D Guha_ 2017.pdf 710K12-Jul-2018 17:38
A High Power Microwave Zoom Antenna with Metal plate lenses_ J Lawrance_ C Christodoulou_ M R Taha_ TAP 2015.pdf 794K04-Mar-2017 07:23
A High-Voltage Cable-Fed Impulse Radiating Antenna_ L H Bowen_ E G Farr_ ssn507.pdf 3M14-Jul-2011 09:45
A Hybrid Low-Cost Bandpass Filter With SAW Resonators and External Lumped Inductors Using a Dual-Coupling Scheme_ R Z..> 3M12-Jun-2021 02:07
A Low Cost Electrically Tunable Bandpass Filter with Constant Absolute Bandwidth_ D Sarkar_ T Moyra_ AEUE 2017.pdf 1M14-Apr-2018 03:44
A Metamaterial-Based E-Plane Horn Antenna_ R B Hwang_ H W Liu_ C Y Chin_ 2009.pdf 789K26-Nov-2022 00:04
A Miniaturized Bandpass Filter with Low Passband Insertion Loss and High Harmonic Suppression in Ultra-wide Stopband_..> 403K16-Apr-2018 14:13
A Moderate Gain Extremely Short HF Monopole Antenna_ Jungsuek Oh_ Kamal Sarabandi_ 2011.pdf 964K10-Jan-2016 05:50
A Multi-Band Body-Worn Distributed Radio-Frequency Exposure Meter_ Design On-Body Calibration and Study of Body Morph..> 3M10-Jul-2018 19:46
A Near-Optimum Matching Section Without Discontinuities_ R P Hecken_ 1972.pdf 510K28-Dec-2017 22:36
A New Antenna Model_ G Elmore N6GN_ QEX 2012.pdf 3M11-Feb-2015 05:35
A New Horizontal Polarized High Gain Omni-Directional Antenna_ Tom Apel K5TRA_ QEX 2011.pdf 1M06-Sep-2016 04:02
A New Spin on the Big Wheel_ popular 2 meter antenna_ L B Cebik W4RNL_ Bob Cerreto WA1FXT_ 2008.pdf 2M17-Nov-2013 23:23
A New Two-Flare-Shaped UWB Antenna Element_ Anatoliy O Boryssenko_ Dmitriy L Sostannovsky_ 2005.pdf 2M04-Feb-2015 15:21
A New Way of Bandpass Filter Design Baed on Zeroth-Order and Negative-Order Resonance Modes_ T Yang_ M R M Hashemi_ P..> 1M13-Jun-2018 15:08
A No-Tune 2m Bandpass Filter_ A homebrew solution to annoying intermod_ Zack Lau W1VT_ QST 2000.pdf 122K28-Aug-2018 04:40
A Novel Compact Metamaterial Zeroth Order Resonant Bandpass Filter for a VHF Band and Its Stopband Improvement by Tra..> 605K25-Jun-2018 22:23
A Novel Microstrip LC Reconfigurable Band-Pass Filter_ HMSIW_ Q Xiang_ Q Feng_ X Huang_ D Jia_ 2013.pdf 429K27-May-2018 03:11
A Novel Miniature Single-Layer Eighth-Mode SIW Filter With Improved Out-of-Band Rejection_ L Li_ Z Wu_ K Yang_ X Lai_..> 1M12-Jun-2018 15:50
A Novel UWB TEM Horn Antenna with a Microstrip-Type Feed_ Y Wang_ G Fang_ H Su_ Y Ji_ S Ye_ X Zhang_ 2015.pdf 2M16-Dec-2017 11:31
A Novel Varactor Tuned Dielectric Resonator Filter_ F Huang_ R Mansour_ 2013.pdf 257K11-Jul-2018 11:55
A Novel, Low-Profile, Vertically-Polarized UWB Antenna for WBAN_ M Koohestani_ J F Zurcher_ A A Moreira_ A K Skriverv..> 1M26-Apr-2017 19:33
A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Planar Inverted-F Antennas for Wireless Communication Applications_ The..> 4M23-Jan-2015 05:07
A Palm Tree Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna with Exponential Slot Edge for Improved Radiation Pattern_ A M Oliveira_ M B Pe..> 742K23-Jan-2018 06:58
A Parasitic Lindenblad Antenna for 70cm_ Anthony Monteiro AA2TX_ AMSAT Proc 2006.pdf 2M31-Jan-2015 17:21
A Practical Design of Lumped, Semi-lumped & Microwave Cavity Filters_ Dhanasekharan Natarajan_ 2013.pdf 2M11-Sep-2015 03:18
A Review of Planar Ultrawideband Modular Antenna PUMA Arrays_ J T Logan_ S S Holland_ D H Shaubert_ R W Kindt_ M N Vo..> 3M18-Jan-2014 15:15
A Review on the Development of Rotman Lens Antenna_ S Vashist_ M K Soni_ P K Singhal_ 2014.pdf 2M17-Mar-2018 12:23
A Short Primer on Getting Started on 13 cm EME_ Al Ward W5LUA_ 2009.pdf 29K05-Sep-2018 02:57
A Simple Approach to YIG Oscillators_ Bernd Kaa DG4RBF_ VHFComms 2004.pdf 6M21-Aug-2013 02:41
A Simple Fixed Antenna for VHF UHF Satellite Work_ Crossed Moxons_ L B Cebik_ 2001.pdf 490K15-Dec-2014 01:31
A Simple Fixed Antenna for VHF UHF Satellite Work_ L B Cebik W4RNL_ QST 2001.pdf 490K21-Jan-2016 10:38
A Simple Harmonic Mixer Antenna Feed for 47 and 76 GHz Experiments_ K Banke N6IZW_ 2003.pdf 194K04-Dec-2014 08:16
A Small Antenna for 1-10 GHz_ Zig Zag Log Periodic_ Marko Cebokli S57UUU.pdf 230K29-Dec-2016 07:39
A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver_ A Single-Frequency Approach_ Kai Borre_ Dennis M Akos_ Nicolaj Bertelsen..> 2M02-Apr-2012 15:07
A Step Attenuator You Can Build_ Bob Shriner_ Paul K Pagel_ 1982.pdf 185K21-Dec-2014 09:34
A Step-Frequency Radar Imaging System for Microwave Nondestructive evaluation_ Novel Vivaldi Feed_ W H Weedon_ 2000.pdf 590K08-Feb-2013 08:57
A Strongly Miniaturized and Inherently Matched Folded Dipole Antenna for Narrowband Applications_ Sanghamitro Das_ Da..> 3M17-Jun-2020 21:51
A Students Guide to Maxwells Equations_ Daniel Fleisch_ 2008.pdf 2M15-Jul-2011 06:01
A Surface Wave Transmission Line_ G Elmore N6GN_ J Watrous K6ZPB_ QEX 2012.pdf 952K11-Feb-2015 05:32
A Systematic Study of 7 MHz Greyline Propagation Using Amateur Radio Beacon Signals _S Lo_ N Rankov_ C Mitchell_ B A ..> 16M16-Jan-2023 22:25
A Transmission Line Taper of Improved Desing _ R W Klopfenstein_ 1956.pdf 2M30-Oct-2019 06:14
A Tunable 1.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz Bandpass Filter Based On Single Mode_ Y Wang_ F Wei_ H Xu_ X Shi_ 2013.pdf 519K27-May-2018 20:06
A Tunable Bandpass Filter Using the Stepped Impedance Resonator with Harmonic Suppression_ Y-W Chen_ M-H Ho_ Z-M Rao_..> 1M21-May-2018 22:22
A Tuneable Magnetic Loop Antenna for 7MHz made from Coaxial Cable_ C4FYY_ CARC Buildathon 2008.pdf 4M23-Mar-2016 11:59
A UHF Surface-Wave Tranmission Line_ C E Sharp_ G Goubau_ 1953.pdf 1M08-Oct-2015 05:27
A UHF Third Order 5-bit Digital Tunable Bandpass Filter Based on Mixed Coupled Open Ring Resonators_ M-Y Fu_ Q-Y Xian..> 367K22-May-2018 00:01
A VHF Tunable Lumped-Element Filter with Mixed Electric-Magnetic COuplings_ K Zeng_ D Psychogiou_ D Peroulis_ 2015.pdf 822K06-Jul-2018 01:52
A Versatile Leaky-Wave Antenna Based on Stub-Loaded Rectangular Waveguide_ Part I Theory_ Paolo Lampariello_ Fabrizio..> 205K23-Dec-2014 04:17
A Very Compact Ultrawideband Printed Omnidirectional Monopole Antenna_ R Zaker_ A Abdipour_ 2010.pdf 1M08-Jun-2019 04:19
A Wide Passband SAW Notch Filter_ Zhiqun Lin_ Jiuling Liu_ Wenhui Ren_ Shitang He_ 2008.pdf 268K21-Sep-2013 14:18
A Wideband Coplanar Stripline to Microstrip Transition_ Y-H Suh_ K Chang_ 2001.pdf 32K16-Apr-2017 14:09
A class of electrically small spherical antennas with near-minimum Q_ Jacob Adams_ J T Bernhard_ 2008.pdf 660K27-Feb-2024 01:55
A compact planar cicularly polarized eight-mode substrate integrated waveguide antenna_ N Wang_ X Xu_ 2017.pdf 1M12-Jul-2018 17:44
A compact sixteenth-mode substrated integrated waveguide bandapass filter with improved out-of-band performance_ A R ..> 610K10-Jul-2018 03:56
A constant absolute bandwidth tunable band-pass filter based on magnetic dominated mixed coupling and source-load ele..> 2M02-Jun-2018 02:28
A dielectric horn antenna and lightweight radar system for material inspection_ TEM horn_ Jana Jezova_ Sebastient Lam..> 5M09-Dec-2022 19:01
A miniaturized evanescent mode HMSIW humidity sensor_ C-M Chen_ J Xu_ 2017.pdf 413K06-Jul-2018 01:44
A monopole with a twist revisited_ TASH_ T Warnagiris_ 2005.pdf 1M09-Feb-2020 06:15
A novel uniplanar wideband megneto-electric dipole antenna element_ C-Y Shuai_ G-M Wang_ Y-W Wang_ 2017.pdf 640K12-Jul-2018 16:53
A stepped-impedance bandstop filter with extended upper passbands and improved_ X Zuo_ J Yu_ 2016.pdf 10M09-Apr-2018 16:43
A telescope made with cylinders_ Constructing a 3 m sub-millimeterwave prototype_ B Ramesh et al_ 2004.pdf 1M02-Oct-2016 09:26
ARRL_ Radio Amateur Satellite Handbook_ M Davidoff_ 2003.pdf 164M24-Jun-2012 04:57
Active Antennas for Radiomonitoring_ R&S Application Note_ 2016.pdf 1M10-Feb-2016 18:14
Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics_ Constantine A Balanis_ 1989.djvu 28M15-Jul-2011 04:57
Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters_ Vesna Crnojevic-Bengin _ 2015.pdf 13M06-Jun-2019 05:52
All-Metal Flared-Notch Array Radiator for Ultrawideband Applications_ Rick W Kindt_ W Raymond Pickles_ 2010.pdf 1M17-Sep-2012 10:57
All-dielectric photonic-assisted radio front-end technology_ R C J Hsu_ A Ayazi_ B Houshmand_ B Jalali_ 2007.pdf 307K07-Jan-2020 05:02
An Active 20 MHz to 2500 MHz UWB Receiver Antenna System Using a TEM horn_ M A Salari_ O Manoocherhri_ A Darvazehban_..> 1M28-Mar-2018 17:44
An All Purpose High Gain Antenna for 2400 Mhz_ Waveguide and Circular Horn_ Roger Paskvan_ 2011.pdf 744K24-Feb-2013 10:31
An All-Band Antenna_ G Elmore N6GN_ J Watrous K6ZPB_ QEX 2012.pdf 1M11-Feb-2015 05:36
An Elliptically Flared Waveguide Horn_ No Feed_ J A G Malherbe_ Y Katcodia_ 2010.pdf 266K21-Dec-2017 20:23
An Exponential Transmission Line Employing Straight Conductors_ Wilbur Norman Christiansen_ 1947.pdf 2M02-Jan-2019 22:46
An Inexpensive Time-Domain Refletometer_ Warren Jochem WB2IPF_ 1973.pdf 150K28-Aug-2018 04:28
An Overview of the Underestimated Magnetic Loop HF Antenna_ Leigh Turner VK5KLT_ 2010.pdf 2M28-Sep-2013 20:10
An Ultra-Compact VHF CRLH-Line Bandpass Filter Less Than lamda over 19 squared With a Broad Stopband_ M K Khattak_ S ..> 451K26-Jun-2018 15:14
An Ultra-Miniature Quarter-Mode SIW Bandpass Filter Operating at First Negative Order Resonance_ A P Saghati_ A P Sag..> 428K12-Jun-2018 15:13
An Ultra-Wideband Microwave Balun using a Tapered Coaxial Coil Structure working from kHz range to beyond 26 GHz_ G A..> 324K31-Mar-2018 23:24
An Ultra-wide-band Tightly Coupled Dipole Reflectarray Antenna_ W Li_ S Gao_ L Zhang_ Q Luo_ Y Cai_ TAP 2018.pdf 3M29-Mar-2018 19:24
An analysis of a DGS-inserted stub resonator and its application to an optimum BSF_ I Shin_ S Oh_ 2017.pdf 1M12-Jul-2018 17:59
An annotated bibliography of microwave circulators and isolators_ 1968–1975_ R H Knerr_ 1975.pdf 1M14-Nov-2019 14:58
An atomic receiver for AM and FM radio communication_ arxiv180808589.pdf 1M05-Sep-2018 05:32
An ultra-broadband low-frequency magnetic resonance system_ S Mandal_ S Utsuzawa_ DG Cory_ M Hurlimann_ M Poitzsch_ Y..> 1M16-Oct-2023 17:46
Analysis and Synthesis of Wire Antennas_ Electronic & Electrical Engineering Research Studies_ B D Popovic_ M B Drago..> 9M12-Aug-2012 14:57
Analysis of Linear Coaxial Antennas_ Jean-Fu Kiang_ TAP 1998.pdf 191K24-Apr-2017 14:40
Another Look at Reflections_ M Walter Maxwell W2DU W8HKK_ 1990.pdf 1M05-Apr-2014 14:33
Another Look at Transmission Lines_ Figures_ Glenn Elmore_ 2019.pdf 979K22-Jan-2020 21:44
Another Look at Transmission Lines_ Glenn Elmore_ 2019.pdf 134K22-Jan-2020 21:43
Antenna Basics and Construction_ Peter Dodd G3LDO_ Chapter 13 The Radio Communications Handbook.pdf 5M10-Jul-2017 18:19
Antenna Engineering Handbook_ Richard C Johnson_ 1993.pdf 26M16-Mar-2017 16:45
Antenna Introduction Basics.pdf 199K24-Dec-2014 13:55
Antenna System Bonding and Grounding Requirements in the USA_ Whitham D Reeve_ 2012.pdf 878K20-Mar-2019 20:54
Antenna Technology_ Zana Lane_ 2012.pdf 5M07-Jun-2012 20:01
Antenna Theory & Design_ Markus Voelter_ Michael Kircher_ Uwe Zdun_ 2003.pdf 16M07-Jun-2012 21:50
Antenna Theory and Design_ 3rd Ed_ Warren L Stutzman_ Gary A Thiele_ 2013.pdf 33M22-Jan-2015 16:43
Antenna Theory and Design_ W L Stutzman_ G A Thiele_ 1981.pdf 55M24-Sep-2013 23:05
Antenna Theory_ Analysis and Design_ 3rd ed_ Constantine Balanis_ 2005.pdf 18M22-Jun-2012 03:11
Antenna Toolkit_ 2nd Ed_ Joseph J Carr K4IPV_ 2001.pdf 5M19-Jan-2014 18:59
Antenna engineering handbook_ John Volakis_ 2007.pdf 62M07-Jun-2012 23:07
Antennas and Radiowave Propagation_ Robert E Collin_ 1985.pdf 25M09-Aug-2014 14:25
Antennas for All Applications_ 2nd Ed_ John D Kraus_ Ronald J Marhefka_ 1997.pdf 18M23-Jul-2022 00:53
Antennas for All Applications_ Solutions Manual_ John D Kraus_ Ronald J Marhefka_ 1997.pdf.pdf 1M23-Jul-2022 00:54
Antennas_ 2nd ed_John D Kraus_ 1988.pdf 18M22-Jan-2015 14:58
Antennas_ From Theory to Practice_ Dr Yi Huang_ Kevin Boyle_ 2008.pdf 11M07-Jun-2012 23:44
Application of Goubau Surface Wave Transmission Line for Improved Bench Testing of Diagnostic Beamline Elements_ J Mu..> 533K09-Oct-2015 01:20
Application of complementary split-ring resonators to the design of compact narrow band-pass structures in microstrip..> 165K16-Apr-2018 13:27
Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics_ Hubregt Visser_ 2005.pdf 24M04-Jul-2011 20:38
Arrays of Cylindrical Dipoles_ R W P King_ 2009.pdf 11M04-Jul-2011 20:40
Artificial Faraday rotation using a ring metamaterial structure without static magnetic field_ Toshiro Kodera_ Dimitr..> 1M12-Nov-2019 13:49
Assessment of Rydberg atoms for wideband electric field sensing_ D H Meyer_ 2019.pdf 3M20-Mar-2020 16:52
Band Pass Filter Bank Design_ 250-500 MHz_ for Radio Astronomy Application Based on Metamaterial ZOR Techniques_ S Ch..> 3M25-Jun-2018 23:15
Bandpass Filter Using Miniaturized SCRLH MZOR_ J-K Wang_ Y-J Zhao_ W Liu_ Q Sun_ 2011.pdf 273K13-Jun-2018 15:09
Bandpass filter_ multilayer dielectric and halfwave microstrip with ground slots_ Zhou et al_ US20150214594A1_ 2015.pdf 756K23-Jul-2018 04:08
Bare Metal Wires as Open Waveguides with Applications to 5G_ arxiv1811.11085.pdf 666K16-Jul-2023 02:47
Basic Antennas_ Understanding Practical Antennas and Design_ Joel R Hallas_ 2009.pdf 38M08-Jun-2012 00:19
Basic Baluns_ G3TXQ_ 2015.pdf 190K03-Mar-2015 19:00
Basic Principles of Fresnel Antenna Arrays_ Igor V Minin_ Oleg V Minin_ 2008.pdf 9M08-Jul-2011 06:37
Basic Properties and Design Principles of UWB Antennas_ Wiesbeck_ 2009.pdf 2M17-Sep-2012 13:53
Blitzortung_ A World-Wide Low-Cost Community-Based Time-of-Arrival Lightning Detection and Lightning Location Network..> 10M27-Aug-2015 01:15
Broadband Microwave Frequency Characterization of 3-D Printed Materials_ P I Deffenbaugh_ R C Rumpf_ K H Church_ 2013..> 3M23-Jul-2018 21:17
Broadband Planar Antennas_ Design and Applications_ Zhi Ning Chen_ Michael Yan Wah Chia_ 2006.pdf 5M08-Jun-2012 02:05
Broadband Slotted Coaxial Broadcast Antenna Technology_ Parasitic Complementary Dipoles Over Slots For Impedance Canc..> 886K26-Dec-2022 20:48
Broadband passive isolators based on coupled nonlinear resonances_ Dimitrios L Sounas_ Jason Soric_ Andrea Alu_ 2018.pdf 3M12-Nov-2019 12:44
Build a Broadband Pizza Pan Dipole_ Pizza pan vertical_ WA5VJB_ 2016 .pdf 643K09-Mar-2020 22:46
Characteristic Excitation Taper for Ultrawideband Tightly Coupled Antenna Arrays_ I Tzanidis_ K Sertel_ J L Volakis_ ..> 2M27-Apr-2017 22:36
Cheap Crossboom for Cheap Yagis_ Richard F Crow_ NovDev AmsatJournal_ 2006.pdf 1M04-Apr-2012 20:23
Cheap Yagi for 146Mhz_ Richard F Crow_ SepOct AmsatJournal_ 2006.pdf 1M04-Apr-2012 20:22
Cheap Yagi for 70cm 440Mhz_ Richard F Crow_ JulAug AmsatJournal_ 2006.pdf 694K04-Apr-2012 20:21
Cheap Yagi_ Controlled Impedance Cheap Antennas_ Kent Britain WA5VJB.pdf 351K08-May-2013 21:34
Circular Quadruple-Ridged Flared Horn Achieving Near-Constant Beamwidth Over Multi-Octave Bandwidth_ Design and Measu..> 2M25-Dec-2014 03:27
Circularly Polarizing Horn Antenna_ E A Jones_ J D Leonard_ D F Yaw_ US2942261_ 1960.pdf 617K06-Mar-2015 08:03
Coherent Optical Systems_ IQ Modulation of Light.pdf 3M24-Sep-2020 20:08
Collapsible impulse radiating antenna_ United States Patent 6340956.pdf 671K23-Jan-2012 09:15
Collected Transmission-Line Identities_ M A Morgan_ rev 1v2.pdf 2M04-Apr-2018 14:46
Combline Filters for VHF and UHF_ Paul Wade W1GHZ_ 2014.pdf 5M29-Dec-2014 00:04
Communication Satellite Antennas_ Robert Dybdal_ 2009.pdf 4M08-Jun-2012 02:43
Compact 3-D Cubic Loop Antennas with Omnidirectional Patterns_ Xiaohua Jin_ Xunwang Dang_ Fan Yang_ 2014.pdf 455K30-Oct-2015 08:55
Compact 500 MHz to 18 GHz double‐ridged guide horn antenna_ B Jacobs_ J W Odendaal_ J Joubert_ 2020.pdf 3M04-Jan-2023 06:08
Compact Bandstop Filter for UHF in Modified Meander Arrangement with Capacitors_ Adam Rudzinkski_ Anna Lysiuk_ Konrad..> 410K28-Aug-2013 00:05
Compact Designs of a Band-Pass Filter with Novel Open-Loop Resonators_ X-H Jiang_ G-H Li_ MOP 2007.pdf 208K15-Apr-2018 02:20
Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter With Sharp Roll-Off and Wide Stopband Using Semicircle Ended Stub Resonator_ M Haya..> 314K29-Jun-2018 01:30
Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Sharp Roll-Off and Wide Stopband using Semicircle Ended Stub Resonator_ M Haya..> 314K06-Jul-2018 01:45
Compact Selective Bandpass Filter With Wide Stopband for TETRA Band Applications_ V K Killamsetty_ B Mukherjee_ 2018.pdf 2M06-Jul-2018 01:47
Compact UHF 9th-Order Bandpass Filter with Sharp Skirt by Cascaded-Triplet CRLH-ZOR_ S Kahgn_ B Lee- T Park_ 2013.pdf 625K25-Jun-2018 23:24
Compact and Sharp-Rejection Bandstop Filter Using Uniplanar Double Spiral Resonant Cells_ Ke Lu_ Guang-Ming Wang_ He-..> 3M07-Sep-2013 02:34
Compact stub-loaded open-loop BPF with enhanced stopband by introducing extra transmission zeros_ N Kumar_ Y K Singh_..> 324K21-May-2018 19:16
Compact tunable bandpass filter with wide tuning range of centre frequency and bandwidth using coupled lines and shor..> 897K29-May-2018 22:34
Computer Optimized Dual Mode Circularly Polarized Feedhorn_ Marc Franco N2UO.pdf 712K15-Dec-2016 07:20
Conical Linear Spiral Antenna for Tracking, Telemetry, and Command of Low Earth Orbit Satelliets_ K F A Hussein_ 2012..> 970K17-Aug-2014 14:09
Conical Log Spiral Antenna Development for the UWBRAD Ice Sheet Internal Temperature Sensing_ D Delgiovane_ C-C Chen_..> 724K05-Mar-2017 08:11
Connectorizing RG6_ Al Solder Paste_ Phil Salas AD5X.pdf 80K27-Jun-2012 06:31
Construction and Use of Broadband Transformers.pdf 57K07-Nov-2017 07:48
Controlled Agility_ Tunable RF Filters_ A C Guyette_ 2014.pdf 5M08-Apr-2018 06:03
Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design_ Michel Mardiguian_ 2014.pdf 16M12-Feb-2015 09:42
Coplanar Waveguide Circuits Components and Systems_ Rainee N Simons_ 2001.pdf 10M13-Mar-2017 14:33
Coplanar waveguide circuits components and systems_ R N Simons_ 2001.pdf 11M17-Jun-2019 00:34
Coplanar waveguide fed coplanar strip dipole antenna_ K Tilley_ X D Wu_ K Chang_ 1994.pdf 219K18-Apr-2017 01:32
Cost and Performance benefits of cascading single junction circulators for duplex applications_ Anuj Srivastava_ 2007..> 220K04-Oct-2016 07:13
Coupled Eight-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Antenna_ Small and Wideband With Hight-Body Antenna Isolation_ S Ag..> 3M11-Jul-2018 00:42
Coupled eighth-mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Antenna_ Small and Wideband with High-Body Antenna Isolation_ S Ag..> 1M13-Mar-2019 16:35
Couplings of Microstrip Square Open-Loop Resonators for Cross-Coupled Planar Microwave Filters_ J-S Hong_ M J Lancast..> 1007K10-Apr-2018 14:38
CubeSat Antenna Design_Nacer Chahat_ 2021.pdf 18M22-Jul-2021 01:44
Cylindrical Reflectors_ Application and Implementations in Radio Astronomy_ xxxx.pdf 1M04-Oct-2016 10:48
DGS Resonators Form Compact Filters_ A Boutejdar_ A A-M Ibrahim_ 2015.pdf 14M12-Apr-2018 14:48
Deep SRR_ Design and Fabrication of a Novel Compact Bandpass Filter to Improve Spurious-Free Band_ P Rezaee_ M Hoft_ ..> 3M11-Jul-2018 10:26
Defected Ground Structure_ Fundamentals Analysis and Applications in Modern Wireless Trends_ M K Khandelwal_ B K Kana..> 5M16-Apr-2018 13:51
Defected ground structure band-stop filter by semicomplementary split ring resonators_ M Naghshvarian-Jahromi_ M Taya..> 678K17-Apr-2018 17:20
Demonstrating Single Element Null Steering Antenna Direction Finding for Interference Detection_ Y-H Chen_ S Lo_ A Pe..> 2M25-Dec-2019 04:54
Design and Optimization of Ultra-Wideband TEM Horn Antennas for GPR Applications_ Abdul Alleem Jamali_ Rene Marklein_..> 752K02-Nov-2015 14:21
Design and Optimization of Uwb Antenna For Air Coupled Gpr Applications_ Amr Ahmed_ Thesis 2014.pdf 2M24-Dec-2014 04:54
Design and Realizations of Miniaturized Fractal RF and Microwave Filters_ Pierre Jarry_ Jacques Beneat_ 2009.pdf.pdf 3M11-Sep-2015 03:20
Design of 600-W Low-Loss Ultra-Wideband Ferriteless Balun_ C V Pham_ A-V Pham_ R E Leoni_ tmtt 2017.pdf 3M31-Mar-2018 23:20
Design of Fixed and Varactor-Tuned Bandstop Filters with Spurious Suppression_ A C Guyette_ ADA532920_ 2010.pdf 622K03-Apr-2018 00:30
Design of Novel Printed Microwave Band-Reject Filters Using Split-Ring Resonator and Complementary Split-Ring Resonat..> 2M30-Apr-2018 21:18
Design of UWB Radar Sensors_ Amnoiy Ruengwaree_ 2008.pdf 3M17-Sep-2012 11:07
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split-horn-with-separate-tapered-slot-vivaldi-feed_01.jpg 67K22-Dec-2022 03:33