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5D Data Storage by Ultrafast Laser Nanostructuring in Glass_ Jingyu Zhang_ M Gecevicius_ M Beresna_ P G Kazanksy_ 201..> 344K11-Jul-2013 09:31
A Hydrocolloid-based Photoelastic Modulator_ Kyle Braun_ Christian Lytle_ James Kavanaugh_ Jimmy Thielen_ Adam Green_..> 797K04-Dec-2011 08:19
A Low Cost Scanning Fabry Perot Interferometer for Student Laboratory_ Suresh Doravari_ T E Kanakavalli.pdf 121K08-Jul-2011 07:05
A broadband achromatic metalens for focusing and imaging in the visible_ W T Chen_ A Y Zhu_ V Sanjeev_ M Khorasaninej..> 2M02-Jan-2018 07:09
A simple, inexpensive photoelastic modulator_ Kyle J Braun_ Christian R Lytle_ James A Kavanaugh_ James A Thielen_ Ad..> 502K06-Dec-2011 07:24
Accidental pinhole and pinspeck cameras_ revealing the scene outside the picture_ Antonio Torralba_ William T Freeman..> 8M02-Sep-2020 21:47
Adjustable refractive power from diffractive moire elements_ S bernet_ M Ritsch-Marte_ 2008.pdf 7M17-Jun-2017 03:49
All-printable band-edge modulated ZnO nanowire photodetectors with ultra-high detectivity_ Xi Liu_ Leilei Gu_ Qianpen..> 2M04-May-2016 11:59
An Introduction to Free-space Optical Communications_ Hennes Henniger_ Otakar Wilfert_ 2010.pdf 449K10-Jan-2013 06:59
An optical slit mechanism_ R J Jones et al_ 1952.pdf 835K02-Nov-2011 06:41
Basics of Holography_1st ed_ P Hariharan_ 2002.pdf 7M09-May-2015 08:11
Birefringent Filter_ fly_talk_bak.pdf 394K25-Nov-2011 20:59
Broadband Polarization Gratings for Efficient Liquid Crystal Display, Beam Steering, Spectropolarimetry, and Fresnel ..> 12M31-Oct-2011 06:50
Broadband and Ultrathin Infrared Stealth Sheets_ M J Moghimi_ G Lin_ H Jiang_ 2018.pdf 2M22-Jun-2018 20:25
Cellophane as a half-wave plate and its use for converting a laptop computer screen into a three-dimensional display_..> 620K02-Jan-2013 07:55
Chapter4point9_Construct Your Own 1_4th-wave plate with cellophane tape.pdf 2M25-Nov-2011 09:03
Characterization of Partially Polarized Light Fields_ Rosario Martinez-Herrero_ Pedro M Mejias_ Gemma Piquero_ 2009.pdf 5M30-Nov-2011 03:33
Collection of remote optical signals by air waveguides_ E W Rosenthal_ N Jhajj_ J K Wahlstrand_ H M Milchberd_ Optica..> 1M23-Jul-2014 12:21
Compact Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Polarimeter_ Julia Craven_ Michael W Kudenov_ Maryn G Stapelbroek_ Eustace L D..> 1M01-Nov-2011 13:32
Cylinders in Vs_ An optomechanical methodology_ Yuming Shen_ Tutorial for Opti521_ 2006.pdf 66K29-Nov-2011 04:42
DOLPi_ A Low-Cost RasPi-based Polarization Camera_ David Prutchi_ 2015.pdf 9M26-Sep-2015 16:19
Demonstration of Long-Lived High-Power Optical Waveguides in Air_ N Jhajj_ E W Rosenthal_ R Birnbaum_ J K Wahlstrand_..> 3M23-Jul-2014 12:08
Demonstration of focus-tunable diffractive Moire-lenses_ S Bernet_ W Harm_ M Ritsch-Marte_ 2013.pdf 2M17-Jun-2017 03:48
Design of optimal polarimeters_ maximization of signal-to-noise ratio and minimization of systematic error_ J Scott T..> 349K01-Nov-2011 13:33
Discussions on refractions of light_ L V Tarasov_ 1984.pdf 8M25-Nov-2011 07:53
Electrically Driver Single-Photon Source_ Zhiliang Yuan et al_ 2002.pdf 334K11-Mar-2012 03:50
Electromagnetic Field Tapering in the High-Roughness Substrates Coated by a Single Layer of Manganese_ A Lithography-..> 828K22-Dec-2018 00:10
Ellipsometry and Polarized Light_ R M A Azzam_ N M Bashara_ 1977.pdf 24M30-Nov-2011 03:31
Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology_ Optics_ 3rd Ed_ Robert Allen Meyers.pdf 18M02-Nov-2011 03:41
Engineering Optics_ 3rd Ed_ Keigo Iizuka_ 2008.pdf 34M28-Nov-2011 21:23
Excimer Laser Technology_ Dirk Basting_ Gerd Marowsky_ 2005.pdf 9M17-Jul-2011 12:39
Fabricating low cost and high performance elastomer lenses using hanging droplets_ W M Lee_ A Upadhya_ P J Reece_ T G..> 3M27-Apr-2014 12:49
Fast thermal relaxation in cavity-coupled graphene bolometers with a Johnson noise read-out_ D K Efetov et al_ 2018.pdf 2M11-Jun-2018 21:20
Field Guide to Polarization_ Edward Collett_ 2005.pdf 11M08-Nov-2011 00:55
Fractal zone plates for wideband imaging with low chromatic aberration and extended depth of field_ Walter D. Furlan_..> 372K01-Nov-2011 13:20
Frequency Doubling in a KDP Crystal_ Amy Frtiz_ 2011.pdf 2M04-Mar-2020 04:44
Fresnel Zones in Wireless Links_ Zone Plate Lenses and Antennas_ Hristo D Hristov_ 2000.pdf 11M08-Jul-2011 06:34
FresnelLenses_brochure.pdf 295K01-Nov-2011 13:18
Full Daytime Sub-ambient Radiative Cooling in Commercial-like Paints with High Figure of Merit_ X Li_ J Peoples_ Z Hu..> 3M15-Jan-2021 23:26
Fundamentals of Laser Dynamics_ YA I Khanin_ 2005.pdf 5M17-Jul-2011 12:54
Fundamentals of Light Sources and Lasers_ Mark Csele.pdf 4M05-Dec-2010 05:34
Fundamentals of Polarimetric Remote Sensing_ John R Schott_ 2009.pdf 12M08-Nov-2011 00:53
Gas Lasers_ Endo Walter.pdf 9M14-Jan-2011 22:34
Gaseous Electronics and Gas Lasers_ B E Cherrington_ 1979.djvu 2M21-Jul-2011 12:08
General Methods for Optimized Design of Mueller Polarimeters.pdf 95K04-Nov-2011 15:53
Generalized Poincare Sphere_ arxiv14114485.pdf 288K23-Nov-2014 02:27
Generation of Diffraction-Free Optical Beams Using Wrinkled Membranes_ arxiv1304.7874.pdf 962K04-May-2013 23:11
HOMES_ Holographic Method for Exoplanet Spectroscopy_ Thomas D Ditto_ NIAC Phase I Final_ 2014.pdf 2M04-May-2015 11:30
Hanbury Brown and Twiss Interferometry with Twisted Light_ arxiv150202086.pdf 4M11-Feb-2015 00:49
Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications_ Volume 1_ Colin E Webb_ Julian D C Jones_ 2004.djvu 7M17-Jul-2011 10:36
Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications_ Volume 2_ Colin E Webb_ Julian D C Jones_ 2004.djvu 37M17-Jul-2011 10:38
Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications_ Volume 3_ Colin E Webb_ Julian D C Jones_ 2004.djvu 75M17-Jul-2011 10:40
Handbook of Optical Design_ 2nd Ed_ Daniel Malacara_Zacarias Malacara_ 2003.pdf 2M17-Nov-2011 16:22
Handbook of Optical Engineering_ Daniel Malacara_ Brian J Thompson_ 2001.pdf 12M30-Dec-2011 17:46
Handbook of Optics, Third Edition Volume I_ Geometrical and Physical Optics, Polarized Light, Components and Instrume..> 11M30-Nov-2011 03:32
Handbook of Spectroscopy_ Gunter Gauglitz_ Tuan Vo-Dinh_ 2003.pdf 19M27-Oct-2011 12:41
High Power Laser Handbook_ Hagop Injeyan_ Gregory Goodno_ 2011.pdf 8M08-Jul-2011 06:29
High Speed partial Stokes imaging using a ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator_ Alberic Jaulin_ Laurent Bigue_ 2008..> 4M31-Oct-2011 03:14
History of Lyot_ Hufbauer&Dollfus.pdf 3M25-Nov-2011 21:00
Holograms & Holography_ Design, Techniques, & Commercial Applications_1st ed_ John R Vacca_ 2001.pdf 12M09-May-2015 08:08
Holography_ A Practical Approach_ Gerhard K Ackermann_ Jurgen Eichler_ 2007.pdf 5M09-May-2015 08:18
Imaging Polarimetry_ UAz_sliders.pdf 4M03-Nov-2011 01:04
Improvements of Birefringent Filters_ Reduction of Scatter in Polaroid Materials_ Alan M Title_ 1973.pdf 126K04-Dec-2011 12:25
Infrared Stokes imaging polarimeter using microbolometers_ Michael W Kudenov_ J Larry Pezzaniti_ Eustace L Dereniak_ ..> 3M31-Oct-2011 06:43
Infrared receptors in pyrophilous _fire loving_ insects as model for new un-cooled infrared sensors_ David Klocke_ An..> 4M19-Dec-2011 17:00
Intensity interferometry_ Optical imaging with kilometer baselines_arxiv160703490.pdf 277K14-Jul-2016 11:49
Introduction to Glass Science and Technology_ James E Shelby_ 2005.pdf 20M04-Dec-2011 10:36
Introduction to Modern Optics_ Grant R Fowles_ 1989.djvu 9M08-Jul-2011 06:31
Introduction to the Optics Manufacturing Process_ Katie Schwertz_ 2008.pdf 960K29-Nov-2011 04:38
Investigation of Olive Oil as a New Photonic Liquid Crystal_ NAICIP-22.pdf 625K08-Jul-2011 07:06
JarrodKinsey_Longitudinal-CO2-Laser_diagram.gif 55K11-Jul-2011 02:31
Laser Dynamics_ Thomas Erneux_ Pierre Glorieux_ 2010.pdf 4M17-Jul-2011 12:55
Laser Fundamentals 1_ Landolt-Bornstein_ 2005.pdf 3M17-Jul-2011 12:56
Laser Fundamentals 2_ Landolt-Bornstein_ 2006.pdf 5M17-Jul-2011 10:39
Laser Resonators and Beam Propagation_ Fundamentals Advanced Concepts and Applications_ Norman Hodgson_ Horst Weber_ ..> 9M17-Jul-2011 10:35
Laser Resonators and Beam Propagation_ Fundamentals, Advanced Concepts and Applications_ Norman Hodgson_ Horst Weber_..> 9M08-Nov-2011 18:06
Laser Technology_ 2nd Ed_ Lan Xinju_ 2010.pdf 8M09-Jul-2011 04:05
Lasers and Holography_ An Introduction to Coherent Optics_ Winston Kock_1969.pdf 16M09-May-2015 08:21
Lasers_ Anthony E Siegman_ 1986.djvu 21M17-Jul-2011 13:01
Lensless Imaging by Compressive Sensing_ arxiv13057181.pdf 311K22-Nov-2017 04:58
Low-Threshold Bidirectional Air Lasing_ A Laurain_ M Scheller_ P Polynkin_ PhysRevLett 2014.pdf 471K22-Dec-2014 13:18
Measuring the Faraday effect in olive oil using permanent magnets and Malus law_ arxiv1908.08120.pdf 7M28-Aug-2019 06:58
Modern Theory of Gratings_ Resonant Scattering_ Analysis Techniques and Phenomena_ Yuriy K Sirenko_ Staffan Stom_ 200..> 11M03-Nov-2011 06:06
More Cylinders in Vs_ Optomechanics_ Douglas S Goodman_ 2001.pdf 684K29-Nov-2011 06:23
Mounting Optics in Optical Instruments_ 2nd Ed_ Paul R Yoder Jr_ 2008.pdf 57M29-Nov-2011 04:17
Multiwavelength achromatic metasurfaces by dispersive phase compensation_ F Aieta_ M A Kats_ P Genevet_ F Capasso_ Sc..> 3M21-Feb-2015 07:55
Non–line-of-sight imaging over 1.43 km_ Cheng Wu et al_ PNAS 2021.pdf 2M23-Mar-2021 19:18
Notes on Imaging Polarimetry_ OPTI-566_ 2009_ IP_Full_Pg.pdf 4M01-Nov-2011 14:26
Novel Direct Vision Prism and Wollaston Prism Assembly for Diffraction Limit Applications_ Nice Diagrams_ 2008_ iye32..> 403K02-Nov-2011 17:39
Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy_ David J Brady_ 2009.pdf 19M27-Oct-2011 12:40
Optical Materials for near infrared Wollastron Prisms_ E Oliva_ S Gennari_ L Vanzi_ A Caruso _ M Ciofini_ 1997.pdf 512K02-Nov-2011 03:47
Optical Methods of Measurement_ Wholefield Techniques_ 2nd Ed_ Rajpal S Sirohi_ 2009.pdf 4M30-Nov-2011 03:28
Optical Microscopy_ Maichael W Davidson_ Mortimer Abramowitz.pdf 2M02-Nov-2011 18:14
Optical Physics_ 4th Ed_ Ariel Lipson_ Stephen G Lipson_ Henry Lipson_ 2010.pdf 5M27-Oct-2011 12:31
Optical System Design_ 2nd Ed_ Robert F Fischer_ 2008.pdf 9M29-Nov-2011 04:27
Optical-Thermal Response of Laser-Irradiated Tissue_ 2nd Ed_ Ashley J_ Welch, Martin J C van Gemert_ 2011.pdf 22M27-Oct-2011 12:33
Optics Light and Lasers_ The Practical Approach to Modern Aspects of Photonics and Laser Physics_ Dieter Meschede_ 20..> 14M17-Jul-2011 11:30
Optics, Light and Lasers_ The Practical Approach to Modern Aspects of Photonics and Laser Physics_ 2nd Ed_ Dieter Mes..> 9M30-Nov-2011 05:29
Optics_ Eugene Hecht_ 2003.djvu 33M23-Nov-2011 09:00
Optics_ Eugene Hecht_ 2016.pdf 34M21-Oct-2019 22:18
Optimized Bands_ A New Design Concept for Concentrating Solar Parabolic Mirrors_ L Li_ A Kecskemethy_ A R M Arif_ S D..> 963K30-Oct-2017 01:58
Partial Polaroids in Birefringent Filters_ Alan M Title_ 1974.pdf 386K09-Dec-2011 00:43
Photodetection and Measurement_ Maximizing Performance in Optical Systems_ Mark Johnson_ 2003.pdf 2M27-Oct-2011 13:54
Polarimetry Techniques at Optical and Infrared Wavelengths_ J H Hough_ 2005.pdf 185K02-Nov-2011 17:42
Polarimetry Techniques_ Kodai Sankarasubramanian_ 2005.pdf 730K01-Nov-2011 13:23
Polarization Optics Tutorial_ Polarizers, Waveplates, Rotators, and Lyot Filters_ Ray Williamson_ 2005.pdf 202K29-Oct-2011 07:41
Polarization Study Guide_ Lesson6.pdf 459K04-Dec-2011 02:13
Polarization of Light With Applications in Optical Fibers_ Arun Kumar_ Ajoy Ghatak_ 2011.pdf 7M30-Nov-2011 03:27
Polarization-Resolved Measurements using Mueller Matrix Analysis_ Application Note_ K Yamaguchi_ M Kelly_ G Stolze_ D..> 113K02-Nov-2011 07:15
Polarized Light, Revised and Expanded_ Dennis H Goldstein_ 2003.pdf 7M30-Nov-2011 03:42
Polarizers_ Chap 13 Handbook of Optics_ Jean M Bennet_ 2010.pdf 770K04-Dec-2011 07:18
Polonium Laser Rifle_ Gasdynamic Laser Weapon System_ STAVATTI_ 1999.pdf 126K27-Sep-2011 04:44
Polonium Laser Rifle_ STAVATTI TIS-1 Gasdynamic Laser Weapon System_ C R Beskar_ 1999.pdf 126K19-Apr-2004 22:25
Practical Guide to Interpretive Near-Infrared Spectroscopy_ Jerry Workman_ Lois Weyer_ 2007.pdf 24M03-Nov-2011 06:08
Practical Holography_ G Saxby_ 2004.pdf 98M09-May-2015 08:36
Practical Optical System Layout_ And Use of Stock Lenses_ Warren J Smith_ 1997.djvu 2M19-Nov-2011 17:46
Principles of Lasers and Optics_ W S Chang_ 2005.pdf 3M23-Jul-2011 09:35
Principles of Lasers_ 5th Ed_ Orazio Svelto_ 2009.pdf 5M17-Jul-2011 13:05
Principles of Optics_ Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation Interference and Diffraction of Light_ 7th Ed_ Max Born_ ..> 17M13-Jul-2011 09:57
Principles of Optics_ Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light_ 7th Ed_ Max Born_..> 22M23-Aug-2015 09:31
Principles of Optics_ Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light_ 7th Ed_ Max Born_..> 45M23-Aug-2015 09:29
Principles of image reconstruction in optical interferometry tutorial_ Eric Thiebaut_ John Young_ arxiv170808390.pdf 940K14-Jan-2019 22:57
Printable Nanophotonic Devices via Holographic Laser Ablation_ Qiancheng Zhao_ Ali K. Yetisen_ Aydin Sabouri_ Seok Hy..> 7M05-Sep-2015 08:06
Progress in Optics, Volume 9_ Synthesis of Optical Birefringent Networks_ E O Ammann_ E Wolf_ 1971.djvu 9M25-Oct-2010 03:37
Quantum Nonlinear Optics_ E Hanamura_ Y Kawabe_ A Yamanaka_ 2004.pdf 8M27-Oct-2011 12:21
Radiation Pressure on a Free Liquid Surface_ A Ashkin_ J M Dziedzic_ Phys Rev Lett 1973.pdf 313K26-Mar-2015 14:56
Retarders and the Jones Calculus_ Lecture 25_ 2005.pdf 91K02-Nov-2011 03:31
Review of passing imaging polarimetry for remote sensing applications_ J Scott Tyo et al_ 2006.pdf 2M01-Nov-2011 13:50
Rotating mirror camera design_ LA-1122_ 1950.pdf 1M09-Nov-2017 04:55
Scalable-manufactured randomized glass-polymer hybrid metamaterial for daytime radiative cooling_ Y Zhai_ Y Ma_ S N D..> 1M17-Apr-2017 03:42
Scattering Theory for Diffraction Gratings_ Calvin H Wilcox_ 1983.pdf 2M08-Nov-2011 00:29
Silver-Halide Recording Materials_ for Holography and Their Processing_ Hans I Bjelkhagen_ 1995.pdf 25M09-May-2015 08:25
Single Crystal Diamond Refractive Lens for Focusing of X-rays in Two Dimensions_ arxiv150604016.pdf 706K22-Jun-2015 04:18
Spatiotemporal torquing of light_ arxiv2307.01019.pdf 3M02-Mar-2024 05:54
Spectrograph Design Fundamentals_ John James_ 2007.pdf 1M27-Oct-2011 12:37
Spectroscopy on Small Telescopes_ The Echelle Spectrograph_ Martin J Porter_ 2000.pdf 62K27-Nov-2011 19:28
Spider Silk_ The Mother Natures Biological Superlens_ arxiv160408119.pdf 530K01-Apr-2018 15:19
TGS_temp-vs-birefringence_and_temp-vs-phaseshiftofordinaryandextraordinarybeams.png 14025-Nov-2011 07:03
The Basics of Spectroscopy_ David W Ball_ 2001.pdf 5M03-Nov-2011 06:12
The History of Near-field Optics_ Lukas Novotny_ 2007.pdf 1M25-Oct-2016 22:16
Tradeoffs in Polarimeter Design_ J Scotts Tyo_ 2003.pdf 1M01-Nov-2011 13:19
Twisted Photons_ Applications of Light with Orbital Angular Momentum_ Juan P Torres_ Lluis Torner_ 2011.pdf 13M03-Dec-2011 05:44
Type_Of_Prisms.png 97K02-Nov-2011 05:45
Ultrathin, high-efficiency, broad-band, omni-acceptance, organic solar cells enhanced by plasmonic cavity with subwav..> 2M24-Jan-2013 01:03
Using Muellers formalism in differentiation of irradiate collagen from non-irradiate one based on polarimetric measur..> 589K25-Nov-2011 20:58 55K23-Nov-2011 09:54
polarization_stokes-vector_vs_angle.png 58K22-Nov-2011 02:58 195731-Oct-2011 15:39
stokes.jpg 78K02-Nov-2011 09:20
whitepaper_understandingpolarization.pdf 202K04-Dec-2011 05:04
wide-field-lyot-filter-geometry.png 119K08-Jan-2013 11:29