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A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic_ 3rd ed_ Wolfgang Rautenberg_ 2009.pdf 4M19-Nov-2011 19:46
A Mathematicians Apology_ Godfrey H Hardy.pdf 174K08-Dec-2011 00:20
A Survey of Knot Theory_ Akio Kawauchi_ 1996.djvu 5M17-Jul-2011 11:27
A course in Modern Mathematical Physics_ Groups, Hilber Space, and Differential Geometry_ Peter Szekeres_ 2004.djvu 5M11-Jul-2012 14:46
All a matter of balance_ or a problem with dominoes_ C J Sangwin_ 2013.pdf 118K01-Jul-2014 07:39
An Introduction to Difference Equations_ 3rd ed_ Saber Elaydi_ 2000.pdf 2M11-Jul-2012 15:48
An Introduction to Manifolds_ Loring W Tu_ 2010.pdf 3M18-Aug-2011 04:51
An Introduction to Tensors and Group Theory for Physicists_ Nadir Jeevanjee_ 2011.pdf 2M29-Aug-2011 14:16
An aperiodic monotile_ arxiv2303.10798.pdf 5M22-Mar-2023 01:19
Boundary Value Problems_ And Partial Differential Equations_ 5th ed_ David L Powers_ 2006.pdf 3M11-Jul-2012 17:01
Complex Analysis_ Elias M Stein_ Rami Shakarchi_ 2003.pdf 3M11-Jul-2012 14:51
Dealing with the Inventory Risk_ A solution to the market making problem_ arxiv1105.3115v5.pdf 806K06-Jul-2016 21:52
Determinants and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics_ Robert Vein_ 1999.pdf 2M03-May-2011 06:57
Differential Equations_ Linear, Nonlinear, Ordinary, Partial_ AC King_ J Billingham_ SR Otto_ 2003.pdf 11M11-Jul-2012 16:58
Differential and Integral Equations_ Peter J Collins_ 2006.pdf 2M11-Jul-2012 16:59
Direct Methods in the Calculus of Variations_ Enrico Giusti_ 2005.pdf 12M11-Jul-2012 16:56
Div, Grad, Curl, and All That_ An Informal Text on Vector Calculus_ 3rd Ed_ H M Shey_ 1996.djvu 974K03-May-2011 06:59
Douglas R Hofstadter - Godel, Escher, Bach_ An Eternal Golden Braid_ 1999.pdf 31M26-Sep-2019 17:36
Emergence of Scaling in Random Networks_ Albert-Laszlo Barabasi_ Reka Albert_ Science 1999.pdf 98K12-Feb-2015 08:23
Exploring Randomness_ Gregory J Chaitin_ 2001.djvu 1M25-Oct-2011 23:07
Fourier Analysis_ An Introduction_ Elias M Stein_ Rami Shakarchi_ 2003.pdf 2M11-Jul-2012 14:52
Geometric Discrepancy_ An Illustrated Guide_ Jiri Matousek_ 2010_CharlesUniversity.pdf 4M28-Jun-2011 05:06
Geometrical Vectors_ Gabriel Weinreich_ 1998.djvu 1M11-Jul-2012 17:01
Geometry and Topology_ Miles Reid_ Balazs Szendroi_ 2005.pdf 13M11-Jul-2012 15:50
Geometry, Topology and Physics_ Nakahara M_ 2003.pdf 5M11-Jul-2012 14:45
In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman_ Mathematics at the Limits of Computation_ William J Cook_ 2011.pdf 12M12-Jan-2012 04:26
Introduction to Mathematical Physics_ Michael T Vaughn_ 2007.pdf 3M11-Jul-2012 15:39
Knot Theory and Its Applications_ Kunio Murasugi.djvu 9M19-Mar-2011 07:32
Laying out a frustum of a cone_ someonesdad_ 2012.pdf 140K26-Jan-2015 20:23
Learning and Teaching Mathematics using Simulations_ Dieter Ross_ 2011.pdf 15M18-Aug-2011 04:54
Lie Groups Physics and Geometry_ An Introduction for Physicists Engineers and Chemists_ Robert Gilmore_ 2008.pdf 2M17-Jul-2011 10:59
Linear Algebra Done Right_ S Axler_ 1997.pdf 1M23-Feb-2013 14:40
Linear Algebra_ Answers to Exercises_ Jim Hefferon_ 2011.pdf 3M31-Aug-2011 05:01
Linear Algebra_ Jim Hefferon_ 2011.pdf 3M31-Aug-2011 05:01
Linear Algebra_ Jim Hefferon_ 4th ed_ 2020.pdf 7M27-Oct-2020 17:36
Linear algebra problem book_ Paul R Halmos_ 1996.djvu 2M23-Feb-2013 14:44
Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Scientists 2_ Vector Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations and Laplace Tra..> 4M03-May-2011 07:02
Mathematical Methods for Physicists_ A concise introduction_ Tai L Chow_ 2000.pdf 6M11-Jul-2012 14:54
Mathematical Physics from Calcus on Up_ Alex Alaniz_ 2012.pdf 3M05-Jan-2013 12:16
Mathematical methods for physicists_ 5th ed_ 2004.djvu 12M11-Jul-2012 15:40
Mathematics for Computer Science_ Eric Lehman_ F Thomson Leighton_ Albert R Meyer_ 2012.pdf 9M15-Aug-2012 08:51
Methods for Solving Mathematical Physics Problems_ VI Agoshkov_ PB Dubovski_ VP Shutyaev_ 2006.pdf 5M11-Jul-2012 15:54
Multiplying huge integers using fourier transforms_ Ando Emerencia_ 2007.pdf 830K15-May-2021 15:44
Naive Set Theory_ Paul R Halmos_ 1974.pdf 5M28-Dec-2015 20:46
Nonlinear dynamics of chaotic and stochastic systems_ 2nd Ed_ Vadim S Anishchenko_ Vladimir Astakhov_ Alexander Neima..> 7M10-Aug-2012 04:56
Optimization by Vector Space Methods_ David G Luenberger_ 1969.pdf 6M18-Aug-2011 04:52
Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Mechanics_ Mircea V Soare_ Petre P Teodorescu_ Heana Toma_ 2007.pdf 7M11-Jul-2012 16:54
Partial Differential Equations_ An Introduction with Mathematica and MAPLE_ 2nd ed_ Ioannis P Stavroulakis_ 2004.pdf 12M11-Jul-2012 15:19
Preparation for Gauge Theory_ arxiv9902027v3.pdf 687K06-May-2013 18:42
Principles of Applied Statistics_ D R Cox_ Christl A Donnelly_ 2011.pdf 1M21-Apr-2012 09:00
Probability theory_ the logic of science_ E T Jaynes_ G Larry Bretthorst_ 2003.pdf 5M20-Apr-2012 05:59
Proof, Logic, and Conjecture_ The Mathematicians Toolbox_ Robert S Wolf_ 2008.pdf 21M20-Oct-2015 00:53
Quasicrystals and Geometry_ Marjorie Senechal_ 1996.djvu 12M16-Aug-2011 03:01
Real Analysis_ Measure Theory, Integration, and Hilbert Spaces_ Elias M Stein_ Rami Shakarchi_ 2005.pdf 2M11-Jul-2012 15:58
Representations and Characters of Groups_ 2nd Ed_ Gordon James_ Martin Liebeck_ 2001.pdf 3M17-Jul-2011 11:01
Schaum's Outline of Lagrangian Dynamics_ Dare Wells.pdf 11M24-Mar-2011 03:46
Symmetries_ D L Johnson.pdf 5M14-Jul-2011 22:08
The Beginning of the Monte Carlo Method_ N Metropolis_ 1987.pdf 435K05-Sep-2012 23:01
The Busy Beaver Frontier_ Scott Aaronson_ 2020.pdf 426K23-Jul-2020 16:05
The Geometry of Hamilton and Lagrange Spaces_ Miron_ 2002.pdf 5M11-Jul-2012 17:04
The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning_ arxiv1802.01528.pdf 743K15-Apr-2023 16:28
The Origin of the Lagrangian_ Matt Guthrie_ 2013.pdf 173K13-Oct-2013 02:01
Tilings and Patterns_ Branko Gruenbaum_ G C Shephard_ 1987.djvu 18M17-Jul-2011 11:02
Unconvering Ramanujans Lost Notebook_ An Oral History_ Robert P Schneider_ arxiv12082694v3.pdf 599K17-Aug-2012 18:33
Visual Complex Analysis_ Tristan Needham_ 1999.djvu 5M07-Nov-2012 08:43
Visual Differential Geometry and Forms_ A Mathematical Drama in Five Acts_ Tristan Needham_ 2021.pdf 53M29-Jun-2022 18:49
What-is-a-Tensor_Daniel Fleisch.flv 126M21-Dec-2011 14:22
a biased not fully faithful geometric representation of mathematics_ axel sarlin_ innokentij zotov_ 2017.pdf 256K08-Feb-2017 17:35
meme.jpg 160K29-Jan-2021 00:56