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Hydrogen/-01-Jul-2022 04:19
Ionic Liquids/-23-Dec-2012 21:52
S-R Crystal Method/-01-Jul-2022 04:19
50 Years Progress in Crystal Growth_ A Reprint Collection_ Robert Feigelson_ 2004.pdf 7M14-Jul-2011 04:39
A Method of Growing Oriented Sections of Certain Optical Crystals_C D West_ 1944.pdf 739K05-Nov-2011 22:06
A Polarizer, Using Sodium Nitrate Single Crystal, Designed as Part of an Optical Pumping Light Source_ J M Daniels_ P..> 816K05-Nov-2011 19:52
A rapid method for isolation of piperine from the fruits of Piper nigrum _Linn Kanaki et al_ JNatMed_2007.pdf 152K30-Sep-2011 16:03
Advances in Crystal Growth Research_ K Sato_ Y Furukawa_ K Nakajima_ 2001.pdf 31M27-Oct-2011 11:35
Biocatalytic N-Alkylation of Amines Using Either Primary Alcohols or Carboxylic Acids via Reductive Aminase Cascades_..> 962K29-Jan-2019 19:01
Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry_ A Textbook_ 6th Ed_ Kurt Faber_ 2011.pdf 5M21-Jul-2011 14:35
Bulk Crystal Growth of Electronic, Optical and Optoelectronic Materials_ Peter Capper_ 2005.pdf 64M27-Oct-2011 11:40
Characterization of triglycine sulfate TGS crystals grown in water-soluble CdS nanoparticles dispersed in water_ K Ba..> 236K02-Nov-2011 04:20
CheapStat_ An Open-Source, Do-It-Yourself Potentiostat for Analytical and Educational Applications_ Kevin W Plaxco et..> 358K15-Sep-2011 21:39 583K15-Sep-2011 21:38
Chemical Applications of Group Theory_ 3rd Ed_ F Albert Cotton_ 1990.djvu 7M17-Jul-2011 10:58
Chemical Thermodynamics_ Leo Lue_ 2009.pdf 4M03-Sep-2011 11:03
Chemical energy and exergy_ an introduction to chemical thermodynamics for engineers_ Norio Sato_ 2004.pdf 6M08-Feb-2012 17:52
Crystal Growth Processes Based on Capillarity_ Czochralski Floating Zone Shaping and Crucible Techniques_ Thierry Duf..> 14M14-Jul-2011 04:33
Crystal Growth Technology_ From Fundamentals and Simulation to Large-scale Production_ Hans J Scheel_ Peter Capper_20..> 9M08-Nov-2011 00:45
Crystal Growth Technology_ Hans J Scheel_ Tsuguo Fukuda_ 2004.pdf 8M09-Jul-2011 03:38
Crystal Growth Technology_ Kullaiah Byrappa_ Tadashi Ohachi_ 2003.pdf 24M14-Jul-2011 04:36
Crystal Growth and Characterization of Carbonates of Calcium, Barium, and Strontium in Gel Media_ N Ajeetha_ 2007.pdf 814K02-Nov-2011 05:59
Crystal Growth and Dislocations_ Ajit Ram Verma_ 1953.djvu 8M27-Oct-2011 11:37
Crystal Growth for Beginners_ Fundamentals of Nucleation Crystal Growth and Epitaxy_ 2nd Ed_ Ivan V Markov_ 2004.djvu 4M09-Jul-2011 03:37
Crystal Shape Engineering_ Michael F Doherty et al_ CSE-reviewpaper_ 2008.pdf 2M20-Aug-2011 20:35
Crystal Structure Analysis_ A Primer_ 3rd Ed_ Jenny Pickworth Glusker_ Kenneth N Trueblood_ 2010.pdf 3M28-Aug-2011 15:33
Crystallization_ 4th Ed_ J W Mullin_ 2001.djvu 6M15-Sep-2011 08:41
Crystallographic Institute_ Freiburg_ Useable Diagrams TGS_ Student Practicum_ Not English_ 2000.pdf 689K01-Nov-2011 15:59
Crystallography and the World of Symmetry_ Sanat K Chatterjee_ 2008.pdf 2M14-Jul-2011 04:30
Crystallography_ Dieter Schwarzenbach_ 1997.pdf 4M14-Jul-2011 04:31
Crystals and Crystal Growing_ Alan Holden_ Phylis Morrison_ 1982.pdf 4M09-Jul-2011 03:39
Crystals and Crystal Structures_ Richard J D Tilley_ 2006.pdf 7M17-Jul-2011 11:32
Crystals, Defects and Microstructures_ Modeling Across Scales_ R Phillips_ 2004.pdf 22M19-Jan-2014 18:53
Crystals_ Growth, Morphology, and Perfection_ Ichiro Sunagawa.pdf 8M03-Oct-2010 20:14
Disappearing Polymorphs Revisited_ D-K Bucar_ R W Lancaster_ J Bernstein_ 2012.pdf 5M17-Jan-2020 03:56
Efficient biomass pretreatment using ionic liquids derived from lignin and hemicellulose_ A M Socha et al_ PNAS 2014.pdf 1M15-Aug-2018 02:40
Electroless nickle plating on ABS plastic by using environmentally friendly chemicals_ Canan Uraz_ 2017.pdf 676K21-Nov-2023 03:10
Electron Flow in Organic Chemistry _ A Decision-Based Guide to Organic Mechanisms_ Paul H Scudder _ 2013.pdf 21M16-Jul-2022 17:03
Energy Dispersive Spectrometry of Common Rock Forming Minerals_ Kenneth P Severin_ 2005.pdf 2M03-Nov-2011 06:10
Enhancement of the crystalline perfection of 001 directed KDP single crystal_ P Ramasamy_ P Rajesh_ 2011.pdf 16022-Aug-2011 00:03
Etching with Air Regenerated Acid Cupric Chloride_ Adam Seychell_ 2005.pdf 209K11-Nov-2014 04:13
Fenarolis Handbook of Flavor Ingredients_ 6th Ed_ George A Burdock_ 2009.pdf 36M06-Dec-2011 08:45
Frontiers in Crystalline Matter_ From Discovery to Technology_ 2009.pdf 29M14-Jul-2011 04:35
Granddads Wonderful Book of Chemistry_ Kurt Saxon_ 1987.pdf 98M04-Nov-2011 17:40
Group Theoretical Methods and Applications to Molecules and Crystals_ Shoon K Kim_ 1999.pdf 3M14-Jul-2011 04:26
Group Theory with Applications in Chemical Physics_ Patrick Jacobs_ 2005.pdf 2M17-Jul-2011 11:26
Growth Optical Mechanical Dielectric and Theoretical Studies on Potassium Pentaborate Tetrahydrate KB5O8-4H2O Single ..> 25122-Aug-2011 00:03
Growth and Characterization of Triglycine Sulfate TGS Single Crystals_ R Renugadevi_ G Kanchana_ R Kesavasamy_ 2013.pdf 145K16-Sep-2017 08:10
Growth and Morphology of Crystals_ Ichiro Sunagawa_ 1999.pdf 5M19-Jul-2011 00:51
Growth and characterization of a new NLO material_ L-serine sodium nitrate_ Sd Zulifiqar Ali Ahamed_ G R Dillip_ L Ma..> 583K07-Nov-2011 07:02
Growth of Graphene from Food Insects and Waste_ G Ruan_ Z Sun_ Z Peng_ J M Tour_ 2011.pdf 3M05-Aug-2011 17:36
Growth of KH2PO4 Crystals at Constant Temperature and Supersaturation_ G M Loiacono_ J Zola_ G Kostecky_ 1981.pdf 1M13-Jul-2011 16:21
Growth of Potassium Pentaborate Tetrahydrate Single Crystals by Modified Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy Method_ 2009.pdf 16722-Aug-2011 00:03
Growth of Single Crystals of NaCl in Gels_ C C Desai_ J L Rai_ 1980.pdf 432K17-Nov-2011 19:20
Growth of Some Inorganic Organic and Semi-Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystals by Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy Method and ..> 21822-Aug-2011 00:03
Growth of TGS crystals using uniaxially solution-crystallization method of Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy_ G Bhagavannaray..> 21822-Aug-2011 00:03
Growth of strontium oxalate crystals in agar-agar gel_ P V DALAL_ K B SARAF_ 2008.pdf 400K07-Nov-2011 07:12
Handbook of Advanced Dielectric, Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials_ Synthesis, Properties and Applications_ Z..> 32M27-Oct-2011 11:33
Handbook of Hydrothermal Technology_ A Technology for Crystal Growth and Materials Processing_ K Byrappa_ Mansanriro ..> 12M04-Nov-2011 16:21
Handbook of Hydrothermal Technology_ K Byrappa_ Masahiro Yoshimura_ 2002.pdf 12M27-Oct-2011 11:39
How a century of ammonia synthesis changed the world _ J W Erisman_ M A Sutton_ J Galloway_ B Klimont_ W Winiwarter_ ..> 366K05-Sep-2019 05:30
Hydrothermal Growth of Calcite Single Crystal in CaNO3 and NH4NO3 Solutions_ Shin-ichi Hirano_ Ko-ichi Kikuta_ 1988.pdf 530K04-Nov-2011 17:10
Hydrothermal Growth of Some Selected Crystals_ Calcite.pdf 3M04-Nov-2011 16:11
Hydrothermal growth of calcite single crystal in CaNO32 and NH4NO3 solutions_ EP0288221A1.pdf 488K04-Nov-2011 16:02
Influence of Surfactants on Sodium Chloride Crystallization in Confinement_ Qazi et al_ 2017.pdf 4M11-Nov-2023 23:08
InterpretingNMR.png 696K13-Dec-2011 11:15
Introduction to Symmetry and Group Theory for Chemists_ Arthur M Lesk_ 2004.pdf 646K17-Jul-2011 10:54
Making Crystals by Design_ Methods, Techniques and Applications_ Dario Braga_ Fabrizia Grepioni_ 2007.pdf 16M27-Oct-2011 12:36
Manufacturing Method of the Sodium Nitrate Polarizers_ USP3075869.pdf 107K05-Nov-2011 20:10
Mechanical and thermal studies of pure and KOH doped glycine phosphite single crystals_ Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy SR ..> 21622-Aug-2011 00:03
Mechanical properties of β-Alanine dopedGlycine phosphite single crystal grown by SR Method_ S Supriya_ S Kalainatha..> 18022-Aug-2011 00:03
Metal Oxide Chemistry and Synthesis_ From Solution to Solid State_ Jean-Pierre Jolivet_ 2000.pdf 10M09-Jul-2011 03:50
Method of hydrothermal manufacturing calcium carbonate single crystal_ EP0288221A1.pdf 488K04-Nov-2011 16:13
Method_for_producing_cacite_type_calcium_carbonate_single_crystal_lowtemplowpression.pdf 83K02-Nov-2011 06:36
Microwave sintering of transparent alumina_ J Cheng_ D Agrawal_ Y Zhang_ R Roy_ 2002.pdf 255K15-May-2015 05:10
Modern Polyesters_ Chemistry and Technology of Polyesters and Copolyesters_ John Scheirs Timothy E Long_ 2003.pdf 8M01-Nov-2011 18:26
Molecular Quantum Mechanics_ 4th Ed_ Peter Atkins_ Ronald Friedman_ 2005.pdf 6M17-Jul-2011 11:23
Molecular Symmetry_ Group Theory and Applications_ Claire Vallance_ LectureNotes_ 2004.pdf 4M17-Jul-2011 10:44
NaNO3_Templated_On_Mica_ion-exchange.png 272K08-Nov-2011 14:57
NiO SiO2 PVDF_ A Flexible Polymer Nanocomposite for High Performance Human Body Motion Based Energy Harvester and Tac..> 2M12-Nov-2019 19:16
Note on the Purification of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate_ R Holcomb_ R R McKibbin_ 1928.pdf 137K24-Nov-2011 00:31
On the Growth of Highly Ordered Pores in Anodized Aluminum Oxide_ F Li_ l Zhang_ R M Metzger_ Chem Mater 1998.pdf 642K21-Nov-2014 06:43
On the growth of calcium tartrate tetrahydrate single crystals_ Growing Seeds with Silica Gel Mixes_ X SAHAYA SHAJAN_..> 155K02-Nov-2011 08:51
On the growth of calcium tartrate tetrahydrate single crystals_ X Sahaya Shajan_ C Mahadeven_ 2004.pdf 155K02-Nov-2011 04:54
On the growth of large perfect crystals of sodium nitrate_ S N Komnik_ V I Startsev_ 1968_ nottheborg.pdf 277K07-Nov-2011 07:57
OrganicReactions.png 810K06-Aug-2011 02:41
Osmosis, from molecular insights to large-scale applications_ S Marbach_ L Bocquet_ arxiv1902.06219.pdf 13M04-Dec-2019 18:14
Oxidation_Ladder.png 378K16-Aug-2011 07:36
PEN_Homopolymer_Prep_scintillator-material.pdf 29K30-Oct-2011 16:23
Photo-Activated Colloidal Dockers for Cargo Transportation_ arxiv13105724.pdf 1M11-Nov-2013 19:10
Physical Properties of Crystals_ An Introduction_ Siegfried Haussuhl_ 2007.pdf 3M17-Jul-2011 13:02
Precision Crystallization_ Theory and Practice of Controlling Crystal Size_ Ingo Leubner_ 2009.pdf 4M14-Jul-2011 04:41
Progress in Nano-Engineered Anodic Aluminum Oxide Membrane Development_ G E J Poinern_ N Ali_ D Fawcett_ Materials ..> 1M20-Nov-2014 16:48
Purification of Laboratory Chemicals_ 6th Ed_ WLF Armarego_ Christina Chai_ 2009.pdf 15M09-Jul-2011 03:47
Pyroelecticity_ Triglycine sulfate crystal growth and characterization_ Yu Preezant_ Y Preezant_.pdf 15721-Aug-2011 00:27
Responsive biomimetic networks from polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels_ P H J Kouwer_ M Koepf_ Others_ Nature Letter 2013.pdf 540K31-Jan-2013 06:09
Responsive biomimetic networks from polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels_ Supplementary Info_ P H J Kouwer_ M Koepf_ Others_..> 1M31-Jan-2013 06:12
Shaped Crystals_ Growth by Micro-Pulling-Down Technique_ Tsuguo Fukuda_ Valery I Chani_ 2007.pdf 13M14-Jul-2011 04:42
Solids and Surfaces_ A Chemists View of Bonding in Extended Structures_ Roald Hoffman_ 1988.pdf 4M16-Jul-2022 17:09
Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry_ Robert Atkins_ Francis Carey.pdf 9M09-Jul-2011 03:44
Springer Handbook of Crystal Growth_ G Dhanaraj_ K Byrappa_ V Prasad_ M Dudley_ 2010.pdf 203M14-Jul-2011 04:42
Structure of Materials_ An Introduction to Crystallography Diffraction and Symmetry_ Marc De Graef_ Michael E McHenry..> 45M14-Jul-2011 04:29
Studies on conventional and Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy method grown ferroelectric glycine phosphite single crystals_ M..> 22722-Aug-2011 00:03
Supramolecular-Enhanced Charge Transfer within Entangled Polyamide Chains as the Origin of the Universal Blue Fluores..> 5M24-Nov-2018 05:08
Supramolecular-Enhanced Charge Transfer within Entangled Polyamide Chains as the Origin of the Universal Blue Fluores..> 3M24-Nov-2018 05:08
Symmetry Group Theory and the Physical Properties of Crystals_ Richard C Powell_ 2010.pdf 1M17-Jul-2011 11:24
Symmetry and Structure_ Readable Group Theory for Chemists_ 3rd Ed_ Sidney F A Kettle_ 2008.pdf 2M17-Jul-2011 10:56
Symmetry through the Eyes of a Chemist_ 3rd Ed_ Magdolna Hargittai_ Istvan Hargitt_ 2009.pdf 12M14-Jul-2011 04:30
Synthesis of High-Quality Graphene through Electrochemical Exfoliation of Graphite in Alakaline Electrolyte_ arxiv131..> 763K05-Nov-2014 00:59
The Chemical Bond in Inorganic Chemistry_ The Bond Valence Model_ I David Brown_ 2002.djvu 2M14-Jul-2011 04:25
The Chemistry of the Actinide and Transactinide Elements_ Joseph J Katz_ Lester R Morss_ Norman M Edelstein_ Jean Fug..> 60M22-Dec-2011 13:37
The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual_ A Students Guide to Techniques_ 8th Ed_ James W. Zubrick_ 2010.pdf 10M09-Jul-2011 03:41
Unidirectional growth of β-Alanine doped GPI Single Crystal and its Surface analysis using Etching SEM AFM and Laser..> 23022-Aug-2011 00:03
sulfuric acid synthesis from thermal decomposition of iron pyrite FeS2.mht 400K04-Nov-2011 18:08