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500-element ultrasound phased array system for noninvasive focal surgery of the brain - A preliminary rabbit study wi..> 747K18-Jun-2010 23:47
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A PVDF receiver for ultrasound monitoring of transcranial focused ultrasound therapy - Hynynen - IEEE - 2010.pdf 620K27-Jan-2011 12:33
A beam-forming transmit ASIC for driving ultrasonic arrays - 2001.pdf 29K01-Feb-2009 07:58
A hemisphere array for non-invasive ultrasound brain therapy and surgery.pdf 419K08-Jun-2011 18:31
A portable high-intensity focused ultrasound device for noninvasive venous ablation - 2009.pdf 6M06-Feb-2010 14:00
A study of various parameters of spherically curved phased arrays for noninvasive ultrasound surgery - Hynynen - 1995..> 482K10-Jun-2011 20:56
Communications - High-intensity focused ultrasound for noninvasive functional neurosurgery - tcMRgHIFU - neuropathic ..> 535K13-Jan-2010 14:46
Design and characterization of a high-power ultrasound driver with ultralow-output impedance - 2009.pdf 937K06-Feb-2010 14:06
Design and evaluation of a feedback based phased array system for ultrasound surgery.pdf 374K08-Mar-2008 06:00
Development of a portable therapeutic and high intensity ultrasound system for military, medical, and research use - ..> 1M17-Dec-2008 05:41
Diode laser generated ultrasound for human blood cell lysis.pdf 436K08-Apr-2009 19:19
Driving circuitry for focused ultrasound noninvasive surgery and drug delivery applications - Hynynen - 2011.pdf 412K10-Jun-2011 21:53
Efficient numerical acoustic simulation on graphics processors using adaptive rectangular decomposition - nikunjr@gma..> 6M08-Oct-2010 00:52
Focused ultrasound modulates region-specific brain activity_ S-S Yoo_ A Bystritsky_ J-H Lee_ Y Zhang_ K Fischer_ B-K ..> 1M28-Dec-2013 07:51
Focusing of therapeutic ultrasound through a human skull - A numerical study - Hynynen - 1998.pdf 348K10-Jun-2011 20:47
High-intensity focused ultrasound with large scale spherical phased array for the ablation of deep tumors - 2009.pdf 698K10-Jun-2011 21:42
How_to_build_a_hydrophone.htm 629630-Oct-2008 23:43
Image-guided 256-element phased array focused ultrasound surgery - 2008.pdf 742K05-Dec-2008 23:01
Investigation of a large-area phased array for focused ultrasound surgery through the skull.pdf 2M08-Jun-2011 18:29
Mapping local cavitation events in high intensity ultrasound fields.pdf 1M05-Nov-2008 09:44
Multi-element ultrasound phased array applicator for the ablation of deep-seated tissue - 2011.pdf 519K27-Jan-2011 00:52
Non-Invasive Brain-to-Brain Interface_ Establishing Functional Links between Two Brains_ Seung-Schik Yoo_ Hyungmin Ki..> 678K31-Jul-2013 18:35
Noninvasive functional neurosurgery using ultrasound - William J. Tyler - 2010.pdf 361K12-Feb-2010 06:42
Noninvasive neuromodulation with ultrasound? - a continuum mechanics hypothesis - 2010.pdf 818K04-Oct-2010 17:43
Optimum protocols in the design of 2-D spherical-sectioned phased-array for 3-D focused ultrasound surgery - 2008.pdf 506K19-Mar-2009 09:27
Plasma formation and temperature measurement during single-bubble cavitation.pdf 351K12-Jun-2011 00:21
Prediction of the skull overheating during high intensity focused ultrasound transcranial brain therapy - IEEE - 2004..> 954K08-Mar-2008 20:58
Prediction of the skull overheating during high intensity focused ultrasound transcranial brain therapy_ M Pernot_ J ..> 954K25-Jul-2011 17:01
Remote Excitation of Neuronal Circuits Using Low Intensity Low Frequency Ultrasound_ William J Tyler_ 2010.pdf 577K08-Jun-2011 16:41
Remote excitation of neuronal circuits using low-intensity, low-frequency ultrasound.pdf 577K13-Apr-2009 21:10
SFNposterAbstracts2010.pdf 56K23-Nov-2010 19:56
Safety issues for HIFU transducer design - 2003.pdf 384K25-Oct-2005 07:36
Soft 3D Acoustic Metamaterial with Negative Index_ T Brunet_ A Merlin_ B Mascaro_ K Zimny_ J Leng_ O Poncelet_ C Aris..> 1M31-Dec-2014 17:51
Soft 3D Acoustic Metamaterial with Negative Index_ nmat4164-s1_ 2014.pdf 1M31-Dec-2014 17:47
Towards multifocal ultrasonic neural stimulation - pattern generation algorithms - Hertzberg - J. Neural Eng. - 2010.pdf 684K10-Jun-2011 19:12
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Transcranial focused ultrasound modulates the activity of primary somatosensory cortex in humans_ W Legon_ T F Sato_ ..> 1M15-Jan-2014 15:55
Transcranial pulsed ultrasound stimulates intact brain circuits - 2010.pdf 2M04-Oct-2010 17:43
Transcranial ultrasound selectively biases decision-making in primates_ J Kubanek_ J Brown_ P Ye_ K B Pauly_ T Moore_..> 27M24-Jan-2019 05:04
Ultrasonic neuromodulation by brain stimulation with transcranial ultrasound_ Y Tufail_ A Yoshirhiro_ S Pati_ M M Li_..> 2M27-Dec-2013 02:01
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Ultrasound Induced Cell Membrane Porosity_ Jianmin Cui_ 2004_ jultrasmedbio.pdf 270K08-Jun-2011 16:42
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meh - sheep - In vivo transcranial brain surgery with an ultrasonic time reversal mirror - 2007.pdf 943K05-Sep-2007 22:14
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