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A Dialogue with Sarah, Aged 3_ in which it is show that if your dad is a chemistry professor, asking why can be dange..> 298621-Nov-2011 17:11
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Are Disagreements Honest_ Tyler Cowen_ Robin Hanson_ 2004.pdf 140K09-May-2018 00:00
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Atmospheric effects of volcanic eruptions as seen by famous artists and depicted in their paintings_ C S Zerefos_ V T..> 846K04-Aug-2016 20:50
Beyond Freedom & Dignity_ B F Skinner_ 1971.pdf 2M02-Jul-2014 18:30
Brainwashing_ The Science of Thought Control_ Kathleen Taylor_ 2004.pdf 5M19-Jan-2014 19:26
Cereal Grains_ Humanitys Double-Edged Sword_ Loren Cordain_ World Rev Nutr Diet_ 1999.pdf 531K23-Aug-2015 01:01
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Code-of-Merit.txt 224326-Jun-2018 18:37
Debt - Updated and Expanded_ The First 5,000 Years_ David Graeber_ 2014.epub 2M17-Feb-2017 21:54
Distance to Nearest Road in the Conterminous United States.pdf 3M23-Apr-2014 08:12
Douglas Adams - Biscuits.txt 520712-May-2014 23:13
Douglas Hofstadter - Godel, Escher, Bach_ An Eternal Golden Braid.pdf 13M15-Jan-2011 21:38
Douglas Hofstadter and Emmanuel Sander - Surfaces and Essences - Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking.epub 4M27-Oct-2013 01:47
Edwin Abbot Abbott - Flatland_ a romance of many dimensions.epub 229K25-Apr-2012 22:23
Every Good Regulator of a System Must be a Model of That System_ Roger C Conant_ W Ross Ashby_ 1970.pdf 190K09-Mar-2018 01:10
Evolution of Reddit_ From the Front Page of the Internet to a Self-referential Community_ arxiv14021386.pdf 1M15-Feb-2014 02:14
Expert Judgment on Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant_ Kathleen M Trau..> 19M10-Jan-2013 11:11
Filleting your burbot_ tutorial_ Matthew Senger.pdf 2M06-Feb-2016 18:39
Flashes of Reality_ Don Pettit_ 2012.txt 328820-Apr-2012 07:09
Free Open Source Software Advocacy as a Social Justice Movement_ The Expansion of FOSS Movement Discourse in the 21st..> 173K04-Feb-2019 16:39
Frying Pans of the Early Bronze Age Aegean_ John E Coleman_ 1985.pdf 7M01-Oct-2012 04:19
Global music streaming data reveal diurnal and seasonal pattersn of affective preference_ Park et al_ 2019.pdf 1M24-Jan-2019 19:52
How DMR Works_ Alessandro Guido.pdf 3M01-Sep-2015 05:44
How do microorganisms reach the stratosphere_ M Wainwright_ S Alharbi_ N C Wickramasinghe_ 2006.pdf 70K25-Mar-2012 16:24
Information Transmission Between Financial Markets in Chicago and New York_ arxiv13025966v1.pdf 2M18-Feb-2014 13:05
Level3_ In the Matters of Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet_ FCC 2014.pdf 132K07-May-2014 12:19
Life-On-The-Sun.txt 315023-Oct-2017 08:47
Lucalox Alumina_ The Ceramic That Revolutionized Outdoor Lighting_ J E Burke_ 1996.pdf 9M15-May-2015 05:12
Lying.txt 224331-May-2013 03:26
Matt Taibbi - The Divide - American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.epub 5M13-Apr-2014 02:07
Misperceptions The Media and The Iraq War_ Steven Kull_ 2003.pdf 312K29-Nov-2018 01:17
Modeling ash fall distribution from a Yellowstone supereruption_ L G Mastin_ A R V Eaton_ J B Lowenstern_ GGG 2014.pdf 2M12-Nov-2016 07:58
National hiring experiments reveal 2 to 1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track_ W M Williams_ S J Ceci_ ..> 728K26-Jul-2018 17:46
Noble gases in the sediments of Lake Van_ solute transport and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction_ Tomonaga et al_ 20..> 763K23-Nov-2017 06:21
Nuclear War Survival Skills_ C H Kearny_ 1987.pdf 70M21-Sep-2017 18:51
PLIF-Mailing-List-Raw.txt 366K09-Nov-2017 09:52
Plant Guilds_ Midwest Permaculture_ Bryce Ruddock_ Jesse Tinges_ Beck Wilson_ Milton Dixon_ 2013.pdf 2M14-Jan-2014 09:20
Propaganda_ Edward L Bernays_ 1928.pdf 355K21-Jan-2019 18:57
Psychopathy and Victim Selection the Use of Gait as a Cue to Vulnerability_ A Book_ K Costello_ JA Camilleri_ J Inter..> 552K12-Apr-2013 22:46
Rational-Pi.txt 558501-Nov-2014 18:17
Reducing the energy cost of human walking using an unpowered exoskeleton_ S H Collins_ M B Wiggin_ G S Sawicki_ Natur..> 2M01-Jun-2016 01:07
Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Eletromagnetic Pulse EMP Attack_ A2473_ EMP C..> 7M08-Feb-2016 05:16
Richard Proenneke & Sam Keith - One Man's Wilderness- An Alaskan Odyssey (epub).epub 3M12-Feb-2014 22:01
Robert Anton Wilson - Cosmic Trigger Vol I.pdf 4M12-Feb-2013 10:03
Robert Anton Wilson - Prometheus Rising.rtf 5M29-Jan-2002 04:49
Robert Anton Wilson - Prometheus Rising.txt 405K29-Jan-2002 04:59
Robert Ballard_ Explorer and Undersea Archaeologist_ Lisa Yount_ 2009.pdf 5M20-Apr-2015 11:13
Roman Chariots Railroad Tracks Milspecs and Urban Legends.pdf 117K22-Feb-2019 21:14
SI Units as of 2018_ Draft-Resolution-A-EN.pdf 68K16-Nov-2018 18:30
Scooping the Loop Snooper - Geoffrey K. Pullum.html 496926-Dec-2011 21:30
Sussman attains enlightenment.txt 53729-Nov-2014 21:24
The Advantages and Limitations of Calmatives for Use as a Non-Lethal Technique_ J M Lakoski_ W B Murray_ J M Kenny_ 2..> 1M11-May-2004 20:31
The Authoritarians_ Bob Altemeyer_ 2006.pdf 2M08-Apr-2013 23:29
The Bitternut Hickory Carya cordiformis in Northern Minnesota_ Authur Monrad Johnson_ 1927.pdf 2M18-Jun-2018 01:08
The Elephant in the Brain_ Hidden Motives in Everyday Life_ Kevin Simler_ Robin Hanson_ 2018.epub 820K17-May-2018 19:06
The Geographic Flow of Music_ arxiv12042677v1.pdf 772K25-Apr-2012 06:33
The Illustrated Guide to a PhD_ Matt Might.pdf 24K07-Apr-2018 01:42
The Largest Last Supper_ Depictions of Food Portions and Plate Size Increased Over the Millennium_ IJO 2010.pdf 174K04-Aug-2016 20:45
The Logic of Scientific Discovery_ Karl Popper.pdf 3M12-Oct-2011 10:08
The Master Switch_ The Rise and Fall of Information Empires_ Tim Wu.epub 3M18-Oct-2016 20:15
The Microwave Processing of Foods_ H Schubert_ 2005.pdf 4M05-Sep-2016 12:13
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind_ Julian Jaynes_ 1976.pdf 3M15-Mar-2017 04:13
The Physical World as a Virtual Reality_ arxiv08010337v2.pdf 164K05-Mar-2013 19:17
The Physics of Information Processing Superobjects_ Daily Life Among the Jupiter Brains_ Anders Sandberg_ 1999.pdf 376K22-Mar-2017 09:56
The Right to Read_ Richard Stallman.txt 12K14-Dec-2011 02:05
The Sex Life of an Electron.txt 496920-Sep-2015 03:03
The Source_ James A Michener_ 2002.epub 6M24-Mar-2012 08:42
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions_ 3rd Ed_ Thomas S Kuhn_ University Of Chicago Press_ 1996.djvu 4M15-Feb-2012 16:40
The emergence of hierarchical structure in human language_ S Miyagawa_ R C Berwick_ K Okanoya_ 2013.pdf 730K23-Feb-2013 16:12
The pseudoscience behind public health crisis_ David Ley_ 2018.pdf 657K12-Feb-2019 18:01
The reinstatement of funding to the Overwhelmingly Large Telescope Project_ arxiv12040526.pdf 156K06-Apr-2012 03:21
Transform HB101 Strain with pGlo plasmid using Ultrasound device.txt 204202-Mar-2013 19:56
Transplanting Beavers by Airplane and Parachute_ Elmo W Heter_ 1950.pdf 2M28-Nov-2018 18:28
Two Concepts of Liberty_ Isaiah Berlin_ 1958.pdf 10M22-Nov-2018 17:56
Unique in the Crowd_ The privacy bounds of human mobility_ Y-A de Montjoye_ C A Hidalgo_ M Verleysen_ V D Blondel_ 20..> 698K28-Mar-2013 14:50
Valerian Albanov - In the Land of White Death_ An Epic Story of Survival in the Siberian Arctic.epub 417K12-Jan-2018 03:46
Was Doggerland catastrophically flooded by the Mesolithic Storegga tsunami_ arxiv170705593.pdf 4M29-Jul-2017 16:11
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