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The order-disorder transition in model lipid bilayers is a first-order hexatic to liquid phase transition_ arxiv1506..> 6M22-Jun-2015 04:36
A fluorescent membrane tension probe_ Colom et al_ Nature Chem 2018.pdf 2M03-Sep-2018 15:07
A histogram method to obtain heat capacities in lipid monolayers, curved bilayers and membranes containing peptides_ ..> 2M20-Jul-2011 15:19
A lipocentric view of peptide-induced pores_ G Fuertes_ D Gimenez_ S Esteban-Martin_ O L Sanchez-Munoz_ J Salgado_ 20..> 1M01-Aug-2011 16:21
A lipocentric view of peptide-induced pores_ Gustavo Fuertes_ Diana Gimenez_ Santi Esteban-Martín_ Orlando L Sanchez..> 1M20-Jul-2011 14:43
A note on the local current associated with the rising phase of a propagating impulse in nonmyelinated nerve fibers_ ..> 123K23-Feb-2011 14:25
Bilayer Partition Coefficients of Alkanols_ Predicted Effects of Varying Lipid Composition_ Robert S Cantor_ 2001.pdf 38K25-Jul-2011 16:56
Breaking the Meyer-Overton Rule_ Predicted Effects of Varying Stiffness and Interfacial Activity on the Intrinsic Pot..> 160K25-Jul-2011 16:56
Coupling of chain melting and bilayer structure: domains, rafts, elasticity and fusion_ 2003_bookchapter_HeimburgElse..> 2M20-Jul-2011 15:18
Critical behavior of 2,6-dimethylpyridine-water_ Measurements of specific heat, dynamic light scattering, and shear v..> 179K20-Jul-2011 15:15
Cytoskeleton of the Nervous System_ Ralph A Nixon_ Aidong Yuan_ 2011.pdf 14M26-Jun-2011 07:58
DOPC-density-profile-02.png 222K20-Jul-2011 14:37
Direct visualization of the lateral structure of cerebrosides POPC mixtures in presence and absence of cholesterol_ M..> 809K20-Jul-2011 15:09
Domain size and fluctuations at domain interfaces in lipid mixtures_ 2005_SeegerFidorraHeimburg_MS.pdf 817K20-Jul-2011 15:17
Effect of Sodium Chloride on a Lipid Bilayer_ 2003_BoeckmannHeimburgGrubm_BJ.pdf 467K20-Jul-2011 15:17
Effect of Temperature on the Nanomechanics of Lipid Bilayers Studied by Force Spectroscopy_ Sergi Garcia-Manyes_ Gera..> 455K27-Sep-2011 04:42
Effect of monovalent-divalent cation exchange on the swelling of polyacrylate hydrogels in physiological salt solutio..> 68K20-Jul-2011 14:47
Effects of Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles on Floating Lipid Bilayers_ S Tatur_ M Maccarini_ R Barker_ A Nelson_ G ..> 1M10-Jun-2013 03:04
Electrical properties of polar membranes_ arxiv14116883.pdf 2M25-Jan-2016 14:01
Electrically induced gel-to-gel phase-transition in neurons_ R Kellermayer_ A Zsombok_ T Auer_ F Gallyas_ 2005.pdf 899K20-Jul-2011 14:50
Enthalpy and volume changes in lipid membranes_ The proportionality of heat and volume changes in the lipid melting t..> 113K20-Jul-2011 15:19
Evidence for phase transition in nerve fibers, cells and synapses_ Tasaki I_ 1997.pdf 574K20-Jul-2011 14:48
Experimental approach for studying structural changes in axonal membrane upon nerve excitation_ Lauri Ahokas LK_ 2011..> 2M20-Jul-2011 15:25
Function of Nerves - Action of anesthetics_ 2006_Graesboell_Gamma.pdf 434K20-Jul-2011 15:15
Handbook of Neurochemistry and Molecular Neurobiology_ Neural Lipids_ Guido Tettamanti_ Gianfrancesco Goracci_ Abel L..> 13M23-Jan-2017 10:20
Hot Topics in Neural Membrane Lipidology_ Akhlaq A Farooqui_ 2008.pdf 7M16-Jul-2011 23:49
Hydrophobic Mismatch Triggering Texture Defects in Membrane Gel Domains_ Jes Dreier_ Johnathan R Brewer_ Adam C Simon..> 388K01-Sep-2013 11:01
Influence of Ibuprofen on Phospholipid Membranes_ arxiv14063616.pdf 4M21-Jun-2014 03:54
Influence of Lipid Heterogeneity and Phase Behaviour on Phospholipase A2 Action at the Single Molecule Level_ M Gudma..> 1M20-Jul-2011 15:06
Ion-channel-like behavior in lipid bilayer membranes at the melting transition_ J Gallaher_ K Wodzinska_ T Heimburg_ ..> 223K20-Jul-2011 15:04
Isoflurane and Ketamine Differentially Influence Spontaneous and Evoked Laminar Electrophysiology in Mouse V1_ N J Mi..> 6M19-Nov-2018 23:14
Lateral Pressures in Cell Membranes_ A Mechanism for Modulation of Protein Function_ Robert S Cantor_ 1997.pdf 106K25-Jul-2011 16:53
Lipid Composition and the Lateral Pressure Profile in Bilayers_ Robert S Cantor_ 1999.pdf 189K25-Jul-2011 16:53
Lipid Ion Channels_ Review_ JBiophysChem_ arXiv10012524_ 2010_Heimburg_BPC.pdf 1M07-Apr-2011 04:46
Lipid ion channels and the role of proteins_ Lars D Mosgaard_ Thomas Heimburg_ arxiv13073045.pdf 2M18-Jul-2013 04:37
Lipid membrane domain formation and alamethicin aggregation studied by calorimetry, sound velocity measurements, and ..> 1M20-Jul-2011 15:13
Mechanical Surface Waves Accompany Action Potential Propagation_ Ahmed El Hady_ Benjamin B Machta_ Nature Comm 2015.pdf 1M03-May-2015 22:00
Mechanical Surface Waves Accompany Action Potential Propagation_ arxiv14077600.pdf 1M11-Oct-2014 12:33
Mechanical aspects of membrane thermodynamics - estimation of mechanical properties of lipid membranes close to the c..> 323K20-Jul-2011 15:20
Mechanics and Electrodynamics of Magneto and Electroelastic Materials_ Raymond Ogden_ David Steigmann_ 2011.pdf 5M20-Jul-2011 13:46
Melting of Single Lipid Components in Binary Lipid Mixtures_ A Comparison between FTIR Spectroscopy, DSC and Monte Ca..> 864K20-Jul-2011 15:12
Membrane Microdomain Regulation of Neuron Signaling_ Ron Wallace_ 2009.pdf 3M03-May-2011 01:46
Nerves and Anesthesia_ A physics perspective on medicine_ arxiv14092430.pdf 1M18-Sep-2014 17:44
Non-invasive detection of animal nerve impulses with an atomic magnetometer operating near quantum limited sensitivit..> 720K26-Jun-2019 01:13
On cell surface deformation during an action potential_ arxiv170304608.pdf 1M15-Aug-2017 17:15
On soliton propagation in biomembranes and nerves_ 2005_HeimburgJackson_PNAS.pdf 441K20-Jul-2011 15:16
On the Reversible Abrupt Structural Changes in Nerve Fibers Underlying Their Excitation and Conduction Processes_ Ich..> 3M23-Feb-2011 13:46
On the action potential as a propagating density pulse and the role of anesthetics_ 2007_HeimburgJackson_BRL.pdf 2M20-Jul-2011 15:14
On the conduction velocity of nonmyelinated nerve fibers_ Ichiji Tasaki_ on_con_velo_non04.pdf 166K23-Feb-2011 14:25
On the influence of anesthetics, neurotransmitters and antibiotics on the relaxation processes in lipid membranes_ 20..> 147K20-Jul-2011 15:14
Optically Teasing Apart Neural Swelling and Depolarization_ A J Foust_ D M Rector_ Neurosci_ 2007.pdf 943K01-Aug-2011 02:17
Penetration of Action Potentials During Collision in the Median and Lateral Giant Axons of Invertebrates_ Alfredo Gon..> 1M14-Sep-2014 15:02
Periodic solutions and refractory periods in the soliton theory for nerves and the locust femoral nerve_ E Villagran ..> 811K20-Jul-2011 15:03
Phase Transitions in Cell Biology_ GHPollack WCChin.pdf 7M26-Nov-2008 01:01
Phase state dependent current fluctuations in pure lipid membranes_ 2009_WunderlichHeimburgSchneider_BJ.pdf 501K20-Jul-2011 15:09
Phase transition in membrane with reference to nerve excitation_ Kobatake Y_ Tasaki I_ Watanabe A_ advbiophys_1971.pdf 8M20-Jul-2011 15:22
Phase transitions in biological membranes_ T Heimburg_ arxiv180511481.pdf 4M25-Jun-2019 02:48
Physical Properties of Biological Membranes_ 2009_Heimburg_arXiv.pdf 806K20-Jul-2011 15:11
Pore formation of lytic peptides in lipid membranes and their influence on the thermodynamic properties of the pore e..> 1M20-Jul-2011 15:15
Primary and secondary components of nerve signals_ arxiv181205335.pdf 438K21-Dec-2018 23:21
Rapid mechanical and thermal changes in the garfish olfactory nerve associated with propagated impulse_ Tasaki I_ Kus..> 1M20-Jul-2011 14:57
Receptor Desensitization by Neurotransmitters in Membranes_ Are Neurotransmitters the Endogenous Anesthetics_ Robert ..> 74K25-Jul-2011 16:51
Relaxation kinetics of lipid membranes and its relation to the heat capacity_ 2002_GrabitzHeimburg_BJ.pdf 334K20-Jul-2011 15:18
Repetitive abrupt structural changes in polyanionic gels_ A comparison with analogous processes in nerve fibers_ Ichi..> 396K20-Jul-2011 14:46
Rigidification of Neutral Lipid Bilayers in the Presence of Salts_ George Pabst et al_ BiophysJ 2007.pdf 366K02-Mar-2013 19:17
Size Distribution of Barrel-Stave Aggregates of Membrane Peptides_ Influence of the Bilayer Lateral Pressure Profile_..> 83K25-Jul-2011 16:57
Soft Matter Special Issue Editorial_ Themed issue_ membrane biophysics_ T. Heimburg_ 2009.pdf 640K20-Jul-2011 15:07
Solitary Shock Waves near Phase Transition in Lipid Interfaces and Nerves_ arxiv14112454.pdf 940K17-Nov-2014 03:36
Solitary electromechanical pulses in Lobster neurons_ arxiv150207166.pdf 1M25-Jan-2016 13:56
Solitary eletromechanical pulses in Lobster neurons_ arxiv150207166.pdf 1M13-Feb-2018 01:19
Solute Modulation of Conformational Equilibria in Intrinsic Membrane Proteins_ Apparent Cooperativity without Binding..> 63K25-Jul-2011 16:55
Stabilizing membrane domains antagonizes anesthesia_ arxiv160400412.pdf 347K09-Apr-2016 00:59
Structure and Dynamics of Membranes_ R Lipowsky_ E Sackmann.pdf 34M12-Apr-2011 16:50
Surface Plasmon Resonance for Measuring Interactions of Proteins with Lipid Membranes_ V Hodnik_ G Anderluh_ 2013.pdf 378K31-Jul-2014 04:11
The Lateral Pressure Profile in Membranes_ A Physical Mechanism of General Anesthesia_ Robert S Cantor_ 1997.pdf 122K25-Jul-2011 16:50
The Physics of nerves_ Thomas Heimburg_ arxiv10084279.pdf 1M07-Apr-2011 04:33
The capacitance and electromechanical coupling of lipid membranes close to transistions_ The effect of electrostricti..> 644K23-Sep-2012 19:46
The capacitance and electromechanical coupling of lipid membranes close to transitions_ The effect of electrostrictio..> 644K19-Sep-2014 20:23
The effect of lipid demixing on the electrostatic interaction of planar membranes across a salt solution_ 2003_RussHe..> 240K20-Jul-2011 15:17
The free energy of biomembrane and nerve excitation and the role of anesthetics_ arxiv180110455.pdf 1M12-Feb-2018 05:30
The influence of membrane lateral pressures on simple geometric models of protein conformational equilibria_ Robert S..> 216K25-Jul-2011 16:54
The living state_ how cellular excitability is controlled by the thermodynamic state of the membrane_ Christian FILLA..> 2M26-Jun-2019 03:32
The order-disorder phase transition in lipid bilayers mediates a force for assembly of transmembrane proteins_ arxiv1..> 7M22-Jun-2015 04:32
The stability of solitons in biomembranes and nerves_ B Lautrup_ A D Jackson_ T Heimburg_ 2006_ arxiv0510106.pdf 180K20-Jul-2011 15:16
The stability of solitons in biomembranes and nerves_ B Lautrup_ R Appali_ A D Jackson_ T Heimburg_ EPJE_ 2011.pdf 594K20-Jul-2011 15:02
The temperature dependence of lipid membrane permeability, its quantized nature, and the influence of anesthetics_ 20..> 700K20-Jul-2011 15:10
The thermodynamics of general and local anesthesia_ arxiv14018231.pdf 2M10-Feb-2014 00:38
The thermodynamics of general anesthesia_ 2007_HeimburgJackson_BJ.pdf 114K20-Jul-2011 15:15
The thermodynamics of lipid ion channel formation in the absence and presence of anesthetics_ BLM experiments and sim..> 2M20-Jul-2011 15:08
Thermal Biophysics of Membranes_ Tutorials in Biophysics_ Thomas Heimburg.pdf 9M07-Apr-2011 04:42
Thermodynamics of the nervous impulse_ 2007_HeimburgJackson_WileyVCH.pdf 1M20-Jul-2011 15:13
Towards a thermodynamic theory of nerve pulse propagation_ 2009_AndersenJacksonHeimburg_PNB.pdf 587K20-Jul-2011 15:10
Towards a thermodynamic theory of nerve pulse propagation_ Soren SL Anderson_ Andrew D Jackson_ Thomas Heimburg_ Prog..> 633K01-Aug-2011 04:05
Voltage-gated lipid ion channels_ A Blicher_ T Heimburg_ arxiv12093640.pdf 2M04-May-2013 23:24
Volume expansion of nonmyelinated nerve fibers during impulse conduction_ Tasaki I_ Byrne PM_ 1990.pdf 624K20-Jul-2011 14:56