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Furnance for melt/-16-Dec-2012 12:12
1564.8nmFeI_line_zeeman-splitting.png 83K29-Oct-2011 21:32
5lb_single_sodiumnitrate_crystal.jpg 34K07-Nov-2011 11:49
A Method of Growing Oriented Sections of Certain Optical Crystals_C D West_ 1944.pdf 739K05-Nov-2011 22:06
A Polarizer, Using Sodium Nitrate Single Crystal, Designed as Part of an Optical Pumping Light Source_ J M Daniels_ P..> 816K05-Nov-2011 19:52
BK7_glass_reflectance.png 463104-Dec-2011 11:02
Bertrand-type_Feussner_polarizing_beamsplitter.png 46K04-Dec-2011 06:57
Enhancement of the crystalline perfection of 001 directed KDP single crystal_ P Ramasamy_ P Rajesh_ 2011.pdf 744K13-Jul-2011 16:57
FGR-300_non-shorting_heating_rope_hundredsofwatts-120ac.pdf.pdf 194K07-Nov-2011 08:11
Growth of KH2PO4 Crystals at Constant Temperature and Supersaturation_ G M Loiacono_ J Zola_ G Kostecky_ 1981.pdf 1M13-Jul-2011 16:21
Infrared lines as probes of solar magnetic features_ II_ Diagnostic capabilities of Fe I 15648.5 A and 15652.9 A_ Sol..> 272K13-Nov-2011 08:23
Infrared lines as probes of solar magnetic features_ VI_ The thermal-magnetic relation and Wilson depression of a sim..> 190K13-Nov-2011 07:24
Infrared lines as probes of solar magnetic features_ V_ The magnetic structure of a simple sunspot and its canopy_ So..> 497K13-Nov-2011 07:16
Intro solar physics_ part1_ Sami K Solanki_ 2005.pdf 7M30-Oct-2011 16:27
Intro solar physics_ part2_ Sami K Solanki_ 2005.pdf 11M30-Oct-2011 18:21
Link to A two-cell photoelectric polarimeter at the Uppsala Observatory used for observations of some magnetic variab..> 18806-Nov-2011 02:08
Link to High Speed partial Stokes imaging using a ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator_ Alberic Jaulin_ Laurent Big..> 15006-Nov-2011 02:07
Link to Infrared Stokes imaging polarimeter using microbolometers_ Michael W Kudenov_ J Larry Pezzaniti_ Eustace L De..> 17106-Nov-2011 02:06
Link to Novel Direct Vision Prism and Wollaston Prism Assembly for Diffraction Limit Applications_ Nice Diagrams_ 200..> 15106-Nov-2011 02:06
Link to Optical design of a near-infrared birefringent filter system and measurement of birefringent index of calcite..> 21106-Nov-2011 02:07
Link to Polarimetry Techniques at Optical and Infrared Wavelengths_ J H Hough_ 2005.pdf 10806-Nov-2011 02:06
Link to Practical Guide to Interpretive Near-Infrared Spectroscopy_ Jerry Workman_ Lois Weyer_ 2007.pdf 12406-Nov-2011 02:06
Link to Spectrograph Design Fundamentals_ John James_ 2007.pdf 8306-Nov-2011 02:07
Link to Spectropolarimetry of a Sunspot at 1565nm_ Penumbral Moving Magnetic Features_ M J Penn_ S A Jaeggli_ C J Hen..> 17606-Nov-2011 02:08
Link to Techniques in solar polarimetry and magnetography_ Achim Gandorfer_ MPS overheadslideshow.pdf 12206-Nov-2011 02:08
Link to Type_Of_Prisms.png 4706-Nov-2011 02:06
Manufacturing Method of the Sodium Nitrate Polarizers_ USP3075869.pdf 107K06-Nov-2011 02:01
Near infrared waveplate_ Stretched Polyvinyl Alcohol_ 1560nm_ Dongguang Wan_ Yuanyong Deng_ Wenda Cao_ ProcSPIE-5492_..> 231K03-Dec-2011 21:26
Observation of 3-D Birefringence Distribution of Polymer Thin Film by Near-Field Optical Microscope_ PVA Film Stretch..> 460K04-Dec-2011 02:26
PVA_spincoating.png 44K04-Dec-2011 05:12
PVA_transmittance.png 71K04-Dec-2011 05:20
Polarization and Application_ BBSO_ Wenda Cao_ Phys780_Lecture08.pdf 3M04-Dec-2011 06:36
Polarization and Application_ Near Infrared Polarimetry of Sun_ BBSO_ Wenda Cao_ Phys780_Lecture08.pdf 3M23-Nov-2011 10:47
Polarizer with birefringent plate_ Raymond Hesline_ US5724184A.pdf 117K30-Nov-2011 03:17
Saas Fee Advanced Course 39_ Magnetic Fields in Stars_ From the Sun to Compact Objects_ Les Diablerets 2009.pdf 22M30-Oct-2011 12:08
SolPhys_2010_L05_Polarimetry1.pdf 2M25-Nov-2011 21:01
SolPhys_2010_L06_Polarimetry2.pdf 2M25-Nov-2011 21:01
Solar Filters_ BBSO_ Wenda Cao_ Phys780_Lecture07.pdf 3M23-Nov-2011 10:48
Solar Polarimetry_ Christoph Keller_ SolPhys_2010_L05_Polarimetry1.pdf 2M22-Nov-2011 01:30
Solar Polarimetry_ Christoph Keller_ SolPhys_2010_L06_Polarimetry2.pdf 2M22-Nov-2011 01:30
Temperature Dependence of Molecular Line Strengths and Fe I 1565 nm Zeeman Splitting in a Sunspot_ M J Penn_ 744K29-Oct-2011 21:27
The infrared absorption spectra of sodium nitrate and calcite_ A K Ramdas_ 1953.pdf 380K01-Dec-2011 02:10
Universal birefringent filter with a new double passband mode_ Jingshan Wang_ Guoxiang Ai_ Guofeng Song_ Bin Zhang_ X..> 459K04-Dec-2011 02:32
cylinders-in-Vs-optomechanics.png 44K30-Nov-2011 23:56
cylinders-in-Vs-optomechanics_2.png 34K01-Dec-2011 05:09
lyot_filter.png 412K30-Nov-2011 21:39
lyot_filter_sm.png 126K30-Nov-2011 21:42
microbolometer_stokes_polarimeter.png 108K04-Dec-2011 11:10
oldstyle_sodium-nitrate_polarimters.png 146K07-Nov-2011 11:46
schematic_sodium-nitrate_single-crystal_growth_with_mica-template.png 17K29-Nov-2011 05:00
sodium-nitrate-crystal_capiliary_templated_beamsplitter.png 19K07-Nov-2011 11:56
sodium-nitrate-plus-mica-template-plate_low_temp_Czochralski.png 18K07-Nov-2011 10:16
sodium-nitrate_transmission_bands.png 12K07-Nov-2011 07:42
sodium-nitrate_transmission_bands_2.png 980001-Dec-2011 02:02