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Cells of a common developmental origin regulate REM non-REM sleep and wakefulness in mice_ Yu Hayashi_ Mitsuaki Kashi..> 1M20-Nov-2015 18:54
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Induction of self awareness in dreams through frontal low current stimulation of gamma activity_ Supplementary_ U Vos..> 754K12-May-2014 12:43
Modulation of Vigilance in the Primary Hypersomnias by Endogenous Enhancements of GABAA Receptors_ David B Rye et al_..> 718K06-Jan-2013 23:26
Neuronal Substrates of Sleep and Epilepsy_ Mircea Steriade_ 2003.pdf 17M21-Jul-2011 14:34
Orexin Receptor Antagonists Differ from Standard Sleep Drugs by Promoting Sleep at Doses That Do Not Disrupt Cognitio..> 369K05-Apr-2013 00:19
Pre-sleep treatment with galantamine stimulates lucid dreaming_ A double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study_ S ..> 2M17-Aug-2018 16:36
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