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Changes in Interpersonal Perception as a Means of Reducing Cognitive Dissonance_ davis-jones-1960.pdf 872K03-Apr-2011 07:26
Changes in liking as a means of reducing cognitive discrepancies between self-esteem and agression_ glass-1964.pdf 1M03-Apr-2011 07:24
Excessive deliberation in social anxiety_ L E Hunter_ E A Meer_ C M Gillan_ M Hsu_ N D Daw_ bioarxiv522433_ 2019.pdf 2M24-Jan-2019 05:01
Inferring the Popularity of an Opinion From Its Familiarity_ A Repetitive Voice Can Sound Like a Chorus_ psp-925821.pdf 115K11-Jul-2011 20:11
Knowledge Does Not Protect Against Illusory Truth_ L K Faizo_ N M Brashier_ B K Payne_ E J Marsh_ xge 2015.pdf 131K26-Nov-2016 13:17
Lives without imagery_ congenital aphantasia_ Adam Zeman_ Michaela Dewar_ Sergio Della Sala_ 2015.pdf 639K29-Jun-2015 23:14
Mental performance in extreme environments_ results from a performance monitoring study during a 483-day spaceflight_..> 447K01-Jun-2012 02:17
Oxytocin Enhances Social Persuasion during Hypnosis_ Richard A Bryant_ Lynette Hung_ PONE 2013.pdf 253K07-Jul-2010 12:07
Oxytocin and vasopressin flatten dominance hierarchy and enhance behavioral synchrony in part via anterior cingulate ..> 3M29-May-2018 15:38
Specialized Representations of Value in the Orbital and Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex_ Desirability versus Availabi..> 3M21-Sep-2017 17:58
The Ancestral Logic of Politics Upper-Body Strength Regulates Mens Assertion of Self-Interest Over Economic Redistrib..> 386K19-May-2013 00:44
The critical role of retrieval practice in long-term retention_ Henry L Roediger III_ Andrew C Butler_ CellPress_2010..> 470K18-Aug-2011 02:56
To freeze or not to freeze_ A motion-capture approach to detecting deceit_ Sophie Van Der Zee et al_ 2014.pdf 471K07-Feb-2015 04:34